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[HOTMC] House of the Meowing Cat open registration

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[HOTMC] - House of the Meowing Cat is looking for Oil, err, new members!

While there is a dream to participate in the up-coming Clan Battles, there is no requirement to do so. The Clan was originally started so I could take advantage of the benefits that Oil production brings. As such the House of the Meowing Cat has already unlocked the Tier V & Tier VI Shipyards and is days away from unlocking the Tier VII Shipyard. After the Tier VII Shipyard is unlocked, then Oil will be invested into the Research Centers for the added XP boost they provide.

Rules wise, it is very simple:

  1. Have fun and enjoy playing the game, sure there are times of aggravation and frustration; but don't be a [edited] and everything is cool by me.
  2. No pressure to division, I am certain some of you will be able to division with other members for those rare Challenges and Combat Missions that require it; but as there are players from across many time zones not everyone will be able to play every day at any given time.
  3. Be active when you can, as hey we all have lives, and not everyone can play everyday; much less every week.
  4. There is no Win Rate restriction, I am not the best player in the mix (my stats are below); and I still do stupid suicide torpedo charges with a Destroyer (check out rule #1); and I love Tier VI up-tiered battles.
  5. There is no Tier restriction required. I love playing my Tier III - Katori from time to time, and I am a couple of weeks away from having my first Tier X - IJN Zao
  6. There is no class restriction required. I am happy in Cruisers, but once I get my IJN Zao I plan to switch to CVs for a while to remember how to play those.
  7. There is no Nation restriction required. I am all over the place when it comes to favorite ships to play. So select whatever Nation you want to grind and go for it.
  8. I have access to a Discord Server, but no pressure to have to use it.
  9. No dues or any such, well except the Oil you will be earning for the Clan's benefit; but yeah see rule #1
  10. If I try really hard I might remember what I wanted to say about rule #10, but my waiting in queue has ended and the match is beginning. OH and see rule #1




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