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Revisiting those low tier ships in Co-op...

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Ah; the heady days of Yuri Gagarin and Sputnik; back when I was such a noob I thought getting 10k damage was a lot...


...things sure change when you've had a 'little' practice.


Chester, 4 point captain, basic bonus signals, no camo, Domination on Polar, Co-op.


Trying to angle to focus on another DD when a Stor suprised me; moved to ram and got away with it because; as usual; the bot was more iterested in a 'priority' target (our Beleraphon,) than me.


Moseyed around doing this and that, collecting damage and trying not to get focused, as all the bots on our team died the usual botty dog's deaths, the other players were sunk, and I was left alone with an afk.


Hooray for bots stupidly focusing on priority targets, (in this case, the afk,) because it let me deal with the last bot cruiser, a nasty Dresden, (nasty for a Chester, at least,) thought for sure the bot Bell would have me, but it apparently got stuck behind an island, and couldn't get to me because it kept trying to follow, and stayed run aground.


Capped A, tried B, but the Bell finally appeared. Amazingly bad shooting for a bot, even at low tier, helped me escape, and I capped C.


Spent the rest of the game circling outside the islands around B, watching the Bell try to chase me, and trying desperately to set fires, since a stand up fight would just let the bots settle down its gunnery and hammer me.


Yeah; it's only Co-op; but I'm not in a Clan; Red Oktober part 3 doesn't start until tomorrow, and I'm not in the mood to do the Yamamoto Campaign right now; so that means slumming in Co-op.


I guess I didn't do well enough to want to save any of my original Chester games as screencaps; this one was sure as heck worth saving!





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Next task: slap a 19-point cruiser captain in Chester and see if you can break 75k damage in Randoms.

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I get a kick out of doing that, too.

  Sometimes grinding just gets to be too much like work, and too little like fun.  Time to break out Storozhevoi, or Wickes, or Albany, or Jurien, etc etc etc.

  I HATED Sampson when I first ground it, and couldn't get out of it fast enough.  Between it and Umikaze, I swore off (and AT) DD's "forever".    Fast forward a year or so, MANY more games under my belt, and a DD restart.  Sampson turned out to be a ridiculously good little ship, and really fun to play!  I was already up to Nicholas and Podvoisky, and thought what the hay- why not give it another try.  Now I'm zooming around the map, torping everything in sight, and pew pew pewing like a madman- and having a blast!

  No salty turds, no boring, frustrating passive meta- just fast paced action!


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