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First things that come to mind...

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A few weeks ago, I had a funny, at least to me, thought.  You could boil down the entire USN BB line into one song.  Tub Thumping by Chumbawamba.  "I Get Knocked DOWN, But I get up again, can you ever gonna keep me down!" in reference to the increased heals and general toughness of the line.  Then I thought, what are some other thoughts that boil down certain lines.


Soviet DD's : YOLO! - If Leroy Jenkins played WOWs, he would be driving a soviet DD.  Fast but no armor and a low pool of hit points, small guns and generally bad torpedoes until you get to T8, the Soviet DD line just begs for you to drive into the teeth of the other side with little regard to the fate of the your crew.


Soviet CL's : In Soviet Russia - Bring out the Russian Reversal jokes.  "Ship Citadel You", "Ship Radar You", "Ship Sink You" and more.  Soviet CLs love to have some of the best guns in the game mitigated by lackluster armor and durability.


British CL's : Bouncing Checks - To paraphrase an old metaphor, British CL's love to write checks their captains can't cash.  They get into action with good speed and agility with quick firing guns.  Unfortunately, light armor and the inability to stop quick enough to use your smoke screen can tend to get them out on a limb and cut off the tree behind them.


US DD's : Yippee-Ki-Ayyy, Mutha... - I was going to give YOLO to the DD's, but it didn't have enough 'Murikan feel to it.  US DDs are scrappy with quick firing guns and the best knife fighters in the game.  Their fish are short ranged, but devastating if you can get them to land.  


IJN DD's : Ship-Jitsu - Japanese DDs aren't quite the offensive weapon that the other lines have.  Weak armor and poor guns are offset by good torps.  However, against a good WASD hacker, torps can be something of a disappointment.  If Jujitsu is the art of using an opponent's weaknesses against them, then a BB sailing in straight line deserves to get hammered.


German DD's : German Army Knives - German DD's don't seem to excel in any one area.  They are generalists that have good qualities across the board, backed up by hydro that make them the best utility hitters among the DDs


Those are a few that come to mind.  Anybody else have more?



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Soviet DDs: “Some ships just want to watch the world burn.”


One of my friends recently got his hands on a Khab and now he loves it so much he went so far as to create a profile pic dedicated to it

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