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Minotaur - Frustrations with aim/overpenatrations and help outfiting modules

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I recently got the Mino and have been frustrated by the lack of solid hits one gets relative to the volume of shells; lots of shells bouncing off and overpenatrations. I have not experienced this level of frustration - and I own the Atlanta, so it feels like the playing style is similar. Love all the other aspects of the ship but haven't figured it out quite yet. Here are the module options I have - would love feedback:

Slot 1 - Main Arm Mod 1

Slot 2 - Aiming System (7% less dispersion - understand I don't have secondaries). Wasn't sure about Smoke Gen Mod 1. The firing time and turret traverse are already fast, so passed on Main Batt Mod 2 - but was that a mistake?

Slot 3 - Main Batt Mod 3 - note sure why I opted for this (can the loading time/turret traverse get any faster than stock)? Gun Firing Control Mod 2 that pushed range 16% (I tried, and if ship is stationary way out its great, otherwise worthless as archs are too high/can't hit anything)

Slot 4 - Prop Mod 1

Slot 5 - Steering Gears Mod 2

Slot 6 - Concealment. Could get Steering Gears Mod 3 and 40% rudder shift


Captain skills I also have Concealment - so detect ability is down to 8.9kms. Starting to play with idea of improving torps maybe?


Thanks for your feedback


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Bought and sold Minotaur twice ....just couldn't make her work. She gets focused a lot and I actually do more damage with Neptune. 

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I think the key to Minotaur is setting up in an aggressive position that is well within range of a high traffic zone for the reds, whilst still being far enough away that radar ships won't try and run you down out in the open and having an escape path when the DD torps try to get you to move out of your smoke.

As for the accuracy, I think it has better accuracy than the previous ships, because the twin turrets have a tighter barrel arrangement, so it comes down to how well you can predict the path of an enemy ship.

I find that setting up 12km from a red ship that is coming towards you, allows a good number of hits into the superstructure.
Unless they have radar, in which case you should setup 14km out, or not at all and wait for a better opportunity.

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