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I guess it's time...

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With clan wars imminent, it seems like I should finally look for a clan. If you want exact stats, they're not hidden, so you can do whatever research you see fit.


Anyways, about me:

  • Cruiser main

I play cruisers primarily. I've dabbled in the rest, but not above T7. Heavy abuser of Soviet fire chance.

  • Time/Location

I'm a Boston guy (no, mah cah isn't pahked in Hahvahd yahd), so my time zone may be a little off from others. I can usually squeeze a few games in from 7 pm to 9:30 pm, but rarely outside of those times.

  • Current goals.

I'm working through Honorable service for Shinonome, and I'm saving for Nelson. I'm also saving for Neptune and working through Donskoi, but have no T10s at the moment. I'd have to work with rentals for the time being in clan wars.


EDIT: Oh yeah, I'm pretty darn good at the scenarios too, but they aren't tracked.


PM me for more details if you want them, I'll be happy to provide them since I've inevitably forgotten something.

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Check out the link in my signature, we are casual with virtually no requirements but I am wanting to try to get a competitive core together for clan wars. 

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