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WG needs to allow larger coop divisions

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Greetings all,

I have been playing world of warships for a while, almost 3k battles(coop, ranked, ops, and randoms combined), and have been loving the game. I generally don't spend time on the forums talking as I am usually too busy enjoying the game. For the most part there is little that annoys me and is worth mentioning, but as of late I just cannot keep silent any more. The problem? The division size in coop is too small. Don't get me wrong, I understand why it is limited to three players in random battles and why you are not allowed to division up in ranked. In pvp that would make it unfair. I have seen divisions of three win pvp matches fo their team so, agian, I get why it is limited in pvp, but why does it have to be limited in coop mode?

When operations were introduced and you switched to the game mode you could form a division large enough to make a full group. I have done it, and it is fun as seen here. Recently, I just saw the video on clan battles and how you can have a team of up to seven, so why do we still not have the option to do this in coop battles? This has been a problem for a while, but this morning it was really annoying. Me and my coop clan were trying to queue sinc at tier X, but so many others were playing tier X coop that we only all got into the same battle once and we played for a good 3 hours. Needless to say, it was frustrating. I would go to join in my midway, but there would already be a cv in queue so he would get in with my clanmates leaving me to enter a match of all bots. because the 30 seconds were up. I try again and I get one clan member in while a full division of another clan is there in their yamato's. It has been like this for a long time, and I would say with a large number of us we only manage to successfully get in the same battle about 40% of the time. It then leads to further annoyance because we are all on ts but end up in different battles. As such, the communication becomes annoying. We are each trying to rely information to each other, but the people hearing what we are saying are in a different battles. The best we can do is temporarily switch to different ts channels.

The real annoyance is that this is a problem with an easy fix...let players form full seven-player divisions in coop. Even better, let it go up to fifteen players for larger coop battles. My clan easily has about that many people online given how popular and fun pve is. Like I said before I really don't ask for much, and that which I do ask for has had a lot of thought go into it. This is something that would not harm the game in anyway. Again, I understand why this is not allowed in pvp and why it shouldn't be allowed in pvp. In pve though it would not harm anyone and would be greatly appreciated by the pve community.

Now, some people may laugh at this post and make the comments about how "pathetic" pvers are but I don't pay attention to those comments anyways. I don't consider myself pathetic and I have done really well in pvp. Feel free to watch this video and this one too if you are considering immediatly declaring me a terrible player because I prefer pve. Even when I lose battles I still go down fighting as seen here. However, while I do pvp, it is not fun and I only do it because they force you to for cetain events and some of my friends still believe the myth about it being less money and xp...:cap_wander: As such they insist on only playing pvp, despite the fact that they are always complaining about not having money or no nineteen sp captains. Meanwhile I have more credits then I need and almost have my second nineteen sp captain. Anyways, pve is far more rewarding and fun, and I enjoy it more, especially with the pve clan I am a part of. Pve is also very benificial to the game as well. For starters, many people, like myself, wouldn't play pvp if pve didn't exist. Pve existing is what got me to play world of warships and why I don't play world of tanks. When I found out bots were in world of warplanes I basically stopped playing another certain stupid game I wont mention in wg forums, and played world of warplanes with open wallet in hand. Pve allows players to level up, earn xp and credits when they are tired, not feeling well, or just frustrated and don't need to deal with the problems of fighting other players. I mostly pvp on days off from work and pve when I get home after work because I am too tired to deal with pvp. Because of this I keep an active premium time going because I feel I can play everyday to make use of it. In games like plantside 2 I quit playing and canceled my sub because it is 100% pvp and I didn't feel like playing it during the week so I figured why bother pay for a sub that would only get used on weekends. Then I figured why bother playing at all when I can only gain xp on weekends?

If you love this game you want people to support it, and if you love pvp and only pvp do you want competent teammates? Of course you do, but if pvp was all I could play I would either be forced to play tired or just quit. There are a lot of players that don't feel "up to the challange" of pvp. As such they play pve and not have to worry about the pressures of it. Meanwhile those of you that love pvp don't have to worry about these lower-skilled players ending up on your team. Pve also encourages players, like myself, to buy premium skins to support the game. Many people laugh and/or don't believe me when I say I make money in tier VIII, IX, and X coop but I do. In fact they are my money making tiers. A coulple hours of coop at high tiers and I easly got a mil or so credits in profit. This is possible when premium cammos and premium account time are combined, and I am happy to pay that because I am enjoying this game. So yeah, even if you hate pvp, my point is don't just dismiss this post as just "some patehtic casual that needs to get good" but rather ask yourself is having the ability for pve groups to form large divisions really going to hurt the game? I don't see how it could. Again, it is pretty much all I ask after having happily spent hundreds of dollars and hours on and in this game.

So, please, wargaming, can we have the ability to create large, seven-man or more divisions in coop like we can in operations and in the upcoming clan battles?



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I have no problem with increasing division sizes in co-op; the bots all play like they're divisioning up anyways.


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