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I was playing 2 Hosho v Hosho games where our fighters engaged with no AA around, I have aircraft servicing expert on my captain (the only ability that affects this fight in a major way) +5% HP and Airgroup Modifications 1 +10% AVG DMG and none of the fights had Aireal Superiority on the commander so it should be a close and even fight, but both fights ended up in a 0-4 or 0-3 in their favor, is one of the modifications or commander abilities bugged and if not the aircraft need to be reworked to include less RNG especially if being a CV means being tactical.

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You probably just got unlucky. I remember having a match in the past where I was playing AS Bogue against an enemy Langley + AS Bogue... the ending results were 58-5 in my favor (and, you know, Bogue has 28 planes, Langley has 30, so it was litterally every single plane they had), and although at the time lower tiers could use manual attacks and strafes, I was pretty new to CVs and didn't know how to use Alt attacks, so it was just click and pray to RNGesus for me. And RNGesus had never been so one-sided for me.

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