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After a two month absence I'm in port and...




 August 9 I woke to find my trusty laptop had died from complication to the Hard Drive and other smaller issues. And as I didn't have the funds to replace it there was no more WoWs for me. But I'm finally typing this on a new laptop, not the best out there but its the best I could afford. On the plus side it even has a dedicated graphics hard wear included and WOW does the game look good just in port. 


Missing so many cool things in game was sad but I dealt with it. But what really ticked me off was a few days after my old laptop died, a brand new Flint was added to my port. So if I do anything tonight it will be making it rain with my new toy. 



I got a lot to catch up on and I need to get a certain BB mission going before the event ends. I mean my birthday is in October so Yeah I need a BB with the same name right. 


I want to thank those who kept me sane during my time ashore and offered tech advice, @Lord_Zath @Herr_Reitz @Umikami your replies to profile post helped a lot. 


The Sinksalot Fleet is back to terrorize the sea again. Now to blow off the dust and buff out the rust, its full steam ahead. 


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Woohoo! Welome back... maybe tonight I'll just cruise youtube so as to not run into you in your RSB sinking spree! Glad you got back in time for those missions too. I'm a scorpio (october baby) so yup, I want that ship for the same reason.

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Welcome back to the high seas Bear! 


Hope to sink ya when I see ya! :Smile_playing:

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This is indeed great news! (unless I see you on the red team; then I will be crying salty tears!)

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