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LHG Clan Recruiting

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Hi everyone, 


I'd like to welcome an interested applicants to the LHG clan.  We are a smallish (15 members) casual clan that is attempting to recruit interested players for the upcoming clan wars and well as simply casual players who would like to be a member of a clan and enjoy some of the bennies that come with it. 


Sorry we don't have any popcorn or some other nifty hook to get you interested in us, except for the fact that we'l like to hear from you and would love to see you as a member of our clan. 


Clan Membership requirements are pretty simple, be respectful of others, and play WOWS on a reasonably regular basis.   If you are interested in playing in Clan Wars, we have a core of players that we call the "Night Shift" which tend to be on from around 9 pm to midnight Pacific Time that we are trying to build to that magic number 7, but we'd love to put together enough members for teams in other time zones as well. 


Anyway, if you're interested, we'd love to hear from you. 


If not, hope to meet you out there on the electronic seas!!! :Smile_izmena:


Alei - :)

Deputy Commander, LHG Clan

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Hello BB3! I played with y'all for a while this spring, but left not because of anything clan related. I'm not up to tier 10 yet & not sure if I want to deal with competitive at that level. Usually evenings after 7pm PST, but not an everyday player. I'm perfectly willing to contribute whatever oil I earn though and have no problem playing tier 1-7 to help folks level. Not always up for division play but will try to pay attention when I do join up. Voice may help as I don't always watch chat very well when things get thick.  


Fair seas!


Curlysan the inveterate wiseacre.


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