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Is this the standard torpedo-boat build for Shimakaze?

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Strategic playstyle will allow you to do well without RPF. Plus alerting the closest player is a bad idea, especially a competent cruiser or BB that knows how to vary throttle and randomly use rudder so he can't be torped.


Much as I loathe facing such stealth builds, more optimal is: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1100000000000011011001000000000119


The sheer campfest makes it almost mandatory to take SI, have your smokes count for something. You can also skip a 2nd T4 skill and take EM along with JoaT to make your guns a little more handy; every DD except Khab complains when the IJN DD strikes back.

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My thoughts:



Here is the build I use specifically:


Yes, buff the guns.  Why?  Because you need them, that's why!  The torps are plenty strong but not the most reliable way to get damage.  You need a solid gun game plan built up on how to troll ships into your torpedoes or into burning a DCP so that your torpedo caused flooding or subsequent fires stick for a while.  That's just my thoughts, as controversial as they are.

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