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The Murican Ship we Deserve

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So if your like me you agree that Murican ships just aren't Murican enough. So i have came up with what Wargamming should do to fix this. I assume this will take multiple iterations to fully emulate the true Murican way. Cause as it stands this is an offense to the Murican people.


So too start out.


:We are gonna take the Iowa class battleship. But we are gonna enlarge it by 24.7x it's normal size. I would say go for a increase of 30x but the way Wargamming has designed maps would make it a little too hard to move around.

: Going off of size we are gonna have Two Des Moines main batteries as the Secondary guns on this True Murican ship.

: The Long range AA is gonna be the Des Moines firing out Red,White and blue fireworks. So that the Enemies no that Democracy is coming for them ( 6X3) 

: Medium - Short range is gonna be Soaring Bald Eagles with Red,White and Blue contrails (214X1) the range is gonna be up to 8.0kts Yes that's right Because the wings of Democracy have no limit in how far they'll go !!

: Main Batteries are the obvious 33 feet in size or for the peasants who don't have an IQ higher than 200. 33 feet is 10058mm (2X2)

: The shells aren't gonna have any AP or HE. No, This ship will have Saturn V rockets replace the standard shells. This is why we are having to use the 33 feet cannons and why the ship is having to be 24.7x it's normal size. 406mm wouldn't be able to hold such Murican shells. 

: Special ability will be when you score citadels we get Nuclear sized explosions hidden in the Saturn V rockets. The size would be that of the Baker tests at the Biki Atoll .

: The Wake in the water this ship causes turns the water into Red,White and Blue and any ships that aren't affiliated with a Democracy nation will take damage akin to Acid eating away at the enemy ship. 

: Special Ability  "Failed Kings Gambit" Any enemy team with a British ship has a chance of any of a team mate defecting over to the Democratic side. As we all know Muricans disdain for Monarchy's is only matched by the One True Enemy of Democracy, COMMUNISM

: Spotter Plane is gonna be replace by a B-52 bomber with a max range of 20 km

: Torpedoes are gonna be 6 Los Angeles class Submarines.



: The Captain ( Piloted by none other than MacArthur or Patton, You know true Murican Hero's)  Orders then men too cover the ship in only the best Oil exported from the Middle east. Cause we must show the Enemies that Democracy is the only way. AS a result. Even AP has a high chance of setting the ship on fire. But that's what we want. 

: The ship just like a True Murican is not known for its ability to move. We are gonna be getting turning circles of up 3000m or so.

: Speed is gonna be up to 9kts to simulate true Muricans better.

: The 33 Feet canons on this ship have dispersion up to a 1000m. It's like this so that the the Ship is able to spread Democracy over a bigger area. 

: Chance of ships on your team that are not a Democratic nation to Defect to the enemy team. 

: Reload takes up to 1-2 Minutes. It will depend on whether or not it's lunch time.

:Only Tier 10 matches allowed. Muricans are above the rest and will only take the best.


I do not want to disgrace stuff akin to god hood. So i spent awhile think of the true name for the ship. These are what i came up with. Feel free to tell me any names you can think of for this ship that does no wrong. 


. Democracy 

. Freedom

. Cheeky Briki 

. Western Dog

. Murica 



When this godlike ship reaches Zero Health it will than use it's rocket engines located below the ship and fly into the sky commencing huge amount of fireworks and will leave a giant Murican Flag hanging in the sky for the rest of the match. This will also cause the sun to be blocked out and the only light source will be the Murican Flag in the middle of the map. Bringing the enemies of Murica into the Light of Democracy !!!


At the end of the game if you manage to kill the ship you will get a Red,White and Blue name tag to show that you have seen the true light of Democracy. Maybe some other crap, Who knows and who cares when you have Democracy !!!!


Tell me if i missed anything and your thoughts. Lastly am i the only one who feels sad this isn't in game already ?


P.s Wargame i feel this should actually be a special event. If your team kills one you get a ton of special crap. Just have the team with the ship have a much smaller amount of ships on their team. Also if this ever does feel free to let me be one of the people who get's to play this ship.

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