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Login Password Not Saving?

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When I open the client, I have the option to save my password checked (I remember it, but I enjoy being a little lazy). However, when I try to login, the client forces me to re-enter my password manually, deleting what it had saved in the box as I had opted for. This has been going on for some time now, at least 4 full patches. I only bring it up now because my patience has finally worn a little bit. I use this same option in World of Tanks, and it has absolutely ZERO problems of this nature. I am running a freshly installed, vanilla client - I turned replays on in the preferences.xml file only. Any help is appreciated.

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This has only been happening to me for the last week or so.It is intermittent too. I only have to reenter the password every third or fourth time I start the game.

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