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Mac version Mouse problems

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I am not entirely sure this is a bug... but it is just about as annoying. 


On the mac edition of WoWs the mouse cursor doesn't "lock" when you're in a match/controlling the ship unlike literally every other game with a similar method of looking around, This poses problems because whenever I aim up or down the task bar or the dock open and cause lag... or randomly open programs instead of shooting... which is VERY aggravating, because I either can't shoot the thing I'm aiming at, or someone takes advantage of the lag and sends me a "parting gift" 


if there is any way to prevent this I would very much appreciate it, and anyone also unfortunate enough to have to play on a mac 

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I play on a mac book pro with a magic mouse and most matches I have not problem, my cursor is locked within the confines of the game window during the match but not if I hit esc or I am in port. However, a few times I have had this issue with my cursor hitting the icons in the dock. Very annoying when you try to fire and instead open a program. I don't know why this has happened on the occasions it has, but for me I think it has something to do with discord. It has only happened after I started using discord and only when it was running. But it's not all the time (only like three times out of hundreds.) so I really don't know either. 


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