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Smokeless RN Cruisers

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With the upcoming changes planned for smoke and the crazy amount of torpedoes being thrown around I decided to try to play the RN Cruiser line without smoke.  I came here to ask people opinions on captain skills and in game tactics.  I've been somewhat successful so far by treating my Emerald like an Atlanta since it has similar shell arcs and HP pool.


My plan for captain skills in order of getting them. My plan is very heavy on surviving and hiding when I need to.  I've noticed that these ships take huge amounts of damage when spotted so I wanted to reduce the chance of getting hit and the impact of damaged modules.

Priority Target, Last Stand, Basics of Survivability, Concealment Expert, High Alert, Superintendent, Jack of all Trades, Adrenaline Rush.


For signal flags I will probably run the HP regen one and the one that lowers consumable cooldown since i have like 350 of those.


For equipment I was planning on the following.  Will the turret traverse be too bad with Main Battery 3?  Should I trade out any of the steering gear mods?

Main Armaments 1, Aiming Systems 1, Main Battery 3, Surveillance Radar 1 or Steering Gears 1 before Radar is available, Steering Gears 2, Concealment 1.


As for play style I was thinking this ship would be best used to support DDs that are capping or a group of cruisers or BB pushing without DD support.  These ships have enough torps to punish anyone that tries to brawl their group and the radar with the super AP should make short work of DD that stray too close.  I suspect if I am caught alone or there are very few teammates left I am going to have to play very cautiously similar to an IJN DD.  Picking my fights carefully or ambushing someone around an island is probably going to be the best in that case.


So what does everyone think?  Do I need to change something about my playstyle or equipment?  Is this a fools errand?  Let me know!  I can provide some replays later if anyone wants to analyse how I am playing.

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