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Previous battle lookup?

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 Do any of the stats sites let you access the individual results of previous battles?  Similar to what you can pull up in game (but goes away when you close the client)?


Apparently I've played three battles in my Fiji today but I can only remember two. Judging by my average stats I must have done pretty horrible in the battle I can't remember.  I'm halfway wondering if a cat jumped on my keyboard and kicked off a battle while I was gone. 

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I don't think there's anything else other than whats been posted above. Once you log out,  it's removed.


With replays enabled, it only shows the battle and not the information at the end fyi.


If theres a replay that I'm going to keep, or information i want to save Ill screen shot it and save it. If I don't feel like an SS, I'll use my recording software to record me scrolling through everything at the end. 


If I want an SS, I can always do it from that quick vid I made.



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