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Atlanta: 118k Dmg, 2 torpedo runs... And survived!

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Was having a very up and down time with Atlanta the last few days.  Today had been bad.  I had just played a Tier IX match in Okinawa, one of the worst possible maps for Atlanta, had a terrible game.  Then I had this one.  I didn't have a good feeling about this, but our Neptune encouraged me anyways.  Well, it paid off.





Lots of things made this possible.  I was in the lead with Neptune and a DD to cap C, then we pushed to Cap B, killing a DD in the process as I rounded the big island south of B and popped Radar on the DD.  We consolidate Cap B, our guys up North at A were losing, but our ships down south were timely in securing B & C and then more importantly, quickly moved to secure it with ships.  I was southeast of the channel between B & C, popping Radar to give the guys a heads up of what was around.  I was expecting us to defend, forcing the reds to push south.  The reds did push south towards the channel, hard with multiple ships.  The insanity was our BBs pushed INTO them, during cyclone.  One of our German BBs was first in, and a second one to follow.  Some of our south group slid around the island from the southeast and pushed.


I saw opportunity because we had 2 BBs causing chaos in the channel, and decided to charge right behind our 2nd BB.  I came around the island channel, immediately there was a Hood NE of the channel and a Bismarck NW of the channel, as well as another Bismarck sailing across from east to west in Cap A.  Our 2 BBs were still around.  I crossed into the channel, hugged the NE shore so I was between the island and a distracted Hood, torpedoed her.  I then saw Bismarck hugging the shore of the island NW of the channel and it seemed he was going to beach himself.  I charged Bismarck, angled, and hoped to survive the salvo, which I did.  The beached Bismarck was at an angle where his 2 rear turrets couldn't shoot at me and nor could the bulk of his secondaries, so I sailed to be in front of Bismarck and dropped torps, hitting him.  It didn't kill him but it did tremendous damage.


The better part was I survived.  What let me do this was that our BBs were super-aggressive.  I don't think the reds expected them to rush out of the channel like that, thinking they had to push south instead.  Our BBs caused tremendous confusion and that allowed my Atlanta to literally sail up to Hood almost untouched except for a few secondary hits.  By the time heavy gunfire was going to me, Hood was already dead and Bismarck was panicking... I had 2 BBs near me, one of which was a Bismarck, and I was sailing at an angle where he had poor firepower to put me down.


Unfortunately I have no replay.  I'm on a new computer and WoWS hasn't been configured for replays yet.  Anyways, it's very hard for me to rack up damage like this with Atlanta, much less survive.  Even on good wins with Atanta, the dmg average for me with her is very modest.


I want to stress how aggressive our BBs were.  They let the Cruisers and DDs do their thing up front, but they were absolutely timely in choosing to push past the Cruisers and DDs and use the Battleship Mailed Fist to secure the win.  It wasn't just 1 or 2 BBs pushing hard, they all were aggressive.  You can see that in the kills the BBs racked up as they finished this match off at Cap A.

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Nice job Haze! I've had a similarly good game on Islands of Ice too in my Atlanta. Gotta admit, loving the ability to do very well stat wise in comparison to the server average with this ship.

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