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Suggestion: Doubloon Calculator tool in-game or in the Web premium shop

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Too many times we see posts and people asking in the game about how many doubloons they need to purchase to get X amount of free xp. 


Could WG just add a simple tool so players can see this?


For example, if you want to 'skip' the tier 9 Izumo to get the Yamato ..and you have X amount of free xp saved up from your playing and you have Y amount of doubloons saved from containers or previous purchases.... 


... then going to the in-game premium shop and/or the website premium shop should have a calculator tool where the player can plug in his current doubloons and current free xp , type in how much free xp he needs to purchase and the system will spit out the amount of doubloons he needs to buy. 


I know, this is simple math you can do on your own but some can't handle it. WG would benefit from having this simple tool..it may even increase sales by making the calculation painless and quick..before the player changes his mind (doing math on your own makes you think twice). 


...and when it does increase sales... WG be nice and gimme some doubloons ;)

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Nice.  I've been to my paypall 2/3 times before.  Trying to purchase another TOY .  And invaryably I forgot all the upgrades...DOH!  Your idea is a great one especially when you can have your countries money calculated in the total.  Great luck and success on this queare.:Smile_glasses: 

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