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Do the October Revolution crates make the ship worth purchasing?

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I love people making this game into World of Math.


I already have Nikolai so I'll just pick up Revolution for free.   I also already support this game with a ridiculous amount of money, so feel no need to double down on it.

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I'm buying it tomorrow.

That camo looks hilarious to just listen to soviet music to and play. 



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I missed the first two days and then bought the middle package $35 =ship + 10ptcapt+1500 dobloons+(1wk prem I think). And at this point I am feeling slightly (SCREWED).  ThinkI have won 2 -250 db awards and 4-5 days premiums, but doing the math, looks like they sold me a premium for $25 bucks and I "sorta" got my usual 1 month premium time but with no 500 db's left over. I buy 3k db thing every month and that be it.  Oh and I think I bought 1 red container first day to check them out 


But my major point of contention is the reward stated as 250-2500 DB's. Now I see that reward is ONLY 250 DB's with the extremely unlikely 2500 grand prize of which I have seen/read on only ONE person winning. Maybe that was it. ONE person won it and the rest get 250 x number of times and those 250 are far rarer than the other rewards of XP and 1 day prem. The advertisng of a 250-2500 range seem,s dubious and also the occurrence of the basically MINIMUM reward is the actual range( a singular reward amount is no "range" , like 250, 500, 1000,250, 1500, 350, 1250 , 2000, whatever would be. And the db reward is certainly nowhere near the chance of winning the other rewards -a premium day or the " 2500 xp, which i guess might be considered worth actual doubloons if your spending/playing relies on those conversions.  And it"seems"the 250 showed more often  the first few days of the event and got rarer(not sure about that though)


I am not screaming "fradulent" (and it can't be considering their wording"yet , but feeling a little "mislead at the moment, and feeling I basically got "sold" a premium warship at full price($20 and got a month or at best5 weeks of

premium, To tell the truth for 30 bucks i could have got 2 months of premium and a 1k DB['s. so this 
special Russian revolution100  year event is looking more like "once in a lifetime sale " at a  furniture store.


This is not a "RANT" about the contAINERS  yet, and IF I win2500DB'sbefore the end you wont hear me complain , but if not this might well stop me spending money and maybe playing entirely IDK yet, not feeling too happy about this event ATM. 



Good lord and just now they sent me an offer of the ship, a 10 capt, 3 contrainers, 30 days premium and 6500 doubloons, ,for $50 . Which is basically 3 months premium and 1500 doubloon, (which is over 45 right there if buying premium by the month at 14.79) +the ship/capt +3 continaers +8 more for remaining days. Yep, taking the 45 offer at the beginning of this month , for this container business is REALLY looking like a bad deal. I am out about 2 months of premium for not waiting and taking this NEW deal , for about 10 of these containers. So basically the 30$ extra I spent on the deal early(instead me just buying 3K doubloons as I always do)  bought me 10 containers at $3 a piece , ugh!

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70% free exp containers seems to be the norm.  I have gotten only two doubloon containers ( each 250) and 3 one day premiums.  Thought the split would be a bit

more even, the lower value item is what you normally get from these containers.  Feel a little "bait and switched" here.  

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