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Guadalcanal / First battle of savo island training room event come join! :D (PART1)

Who would like to paricipate ?  

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  1. 1. first battle of savo island

    • I would like to participate
    • Nah im good
    • i would like to play chapters 1 and 3 too ...
    • IJN
    • USN / Royal Australian Navy

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OCT 8th  6:30 - 9pm EST 

Chapter Two “first battle of Savo Island” "night battle if we had a night map"

USN task force South group HMAS Canberra (perth) USS Chicago (Indianapolis) 2 Mahan class DDs. The north group 3 New Orleans class cruisers Vincennes, Astoria, and Quincy with on Sims class DD and a Mahan class DD. Eastern group of USS San Juan ( Atlanta class) and HMAS Hobart (Perth Or a Leander) and west group 2 Mahan class dds doing scouting perimeter duties. USN objective protect the Island from all Japanese opposition and protect oil coliers from attack (Langleys)(optional).

IJN group 1 Chokai (represented by a Mogami class cruiser or Atago or ARP Takao as Chokai try not to use the flashy paint if you can lol) 2 Aoba class cruisers (Aoba, Kako) 2 Furutaka class cruisers (Furutaka, Kinugasa) and a Tenryu and Yubari cruisers with one Kamikaze class DD. IJN OBJECTIVE push the USN task force out of the island and kill 4-5 cruisers.







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