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Countdown to the Revolution

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Hi All

Well the hours are ticking down and I'm really looking forward to this event well yes its a chance to obtain a free premium ship with all the sparkly things that go with it so why wouldn't  anyone be keen.

Hope everyone's 19 point Captain got a good nights sleep for the battles ahead and there most feared warship is fuelled and armed to the teeth for the Clash of Steel that's about to take place.

I myself will probable be rotating my kamikaze Sisters along with My vaunted Kriegsmarine Battlewagons and The Perth will be flying the Aussie Flag.

I'm even thinking about bringing into the fray The Zuiho as I have just started getting back into playing her.

There will be a few other favourite ships that I will through into battle but it should be quite a fun event

So to all have fun and "Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war".



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While free ships are cool and all. After watching the reviews I'm wondering how that ship will fair in the T5 bracket. That "special" damage control makes me wonder. 

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I too am hyped AF for this ship. It and the Cesare are going to get a hell of a work-out this month in my fleet.

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