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Likes to Division and in need of a clan

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I was in a psuedo clan for quite a long time, but it has appeared to disappear with the transition over to the actual clan system.  With looking at constant empty team speak servers, I have realized I am in need of a new clan.

I do like divisions but I am not going to be heavy into competitive game play.  I do try to learn and improve my skills so that if I am ever needed to help or train, I can do so.  You can look up my stats and see that I am not a slouch but I am not the best there is either.  Therefore, a casual to semi-competitive clan might be best.  Loners would not work as that seems to discourage even divisions.

Yes, I do enjoy anime as you can tell by my avatar, but I am also a history nerd as well.  If you want to hear some history behind battles and ships, let me know.

I have posted some replays on the new site, so here is a link if you want to look at some of my better or more fun games. https://replayswows.com/profile/1003595634/player/FCA_Wichita/sort/uploaded_at.desc/

I usually play three or more times a week, but I do have a weeks off due to work issues or like last week, I was on vacation.  I have several tier 8's and 9's, and nearly to my second tier 10 (Des Moines, I have Zao right now).

You can PM me or post here.  Don't worry, if I hex you, they seem to be pretty mild ones.


Edit:  P.S.  I do have several tanks that I have moved in awhile on WoT.  I might even be able to be convinced to play that again.

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Hey,  you sound like what we are looking for in OSG - Old School Gaming, Check out the link below and see what we are about.




What does OSG look for when recruiting?

OSG is looking for dedicated players that wish to better themselves and help others within the clan in any way possible.
21+ in age with a friendly and mature attitude.
Good teamwork/communication skills and an interest in helping the clan perform at its best.
Ability and willingness to represent the clan to the best of your abilities.


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[FF full, filling up on FF2 with active players] Look us up in game..
Recruitment information
Family, Friends and Frigates
Our website and Discord are free so NO donations are needed.
Small group of friends.. Jump on Discord and talk with us!
Looking to expand our group. We have active duty, retired military and Brats..

Download Discord Click Here

  1. Above this line click Download Discord
  2. After downloading Start DC
  3. Click Here to link to our DC
We all have different levels of playing. Tier 1-10
No WTR tracking of any kind
No requirement of checking forms
Sign up on our website
Clan tags
Friggin'  Fun Days (Not Required)
Tier 2 - Tuesday
Tier 3 - Thursday
Free For All - Friday
Black Swan - Sundays
Time Schedules-Anytime
See you soon!

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