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Looking for Clan, formerly solo/ranked player only

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Played most all of warships as a solo or ranked player, as I have a lot of real life obligations on my time and cannot play as much as I would like. Looking to join a clan for the benefits/buffs that have been implemented in game, but also for the opportunity for some more organized team play when I am available to play. I have a lot of competitive experience in other games over the past 15 years. 


I have maintained a 60% win percentage for the most part in both randoms and ranked.  I cannot make huge time commitments at this time because of young kids, but would like to play with serious & competent players when I do, maybe more in the future as things change.

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POPCORN may suit you, family friendly, although we do think clan membership is only really worth it for the individual if they can make a regular (but not intense!) contribution. We have some very competent members, all are keen to progress and get the most out of WOWS. Sociably serious!


If you are only a very occasional player, the benefits of clan membership are very slim/ But drop by anyway for a chat, be our honoured guest here ! https://discord.gg/MuemTu

A way to find nice people to div with, whether or not you decide to join.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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Greetings @Dr4zik I am one of the Deputy Commanders of The Specter Fleet, we have a recruitment thread if you be so kind to follow my link to it just under my forum signature for more info about our clan~ /^.\\ 

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Hello dr4zik


PM sent from MercStar. 

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Hey Dr4zik, check out MercStar! 


If you want to be an active part of what we have to offer, have a competitive mindset, play to win as a team and enjoy the camaraderie of others while killing ships, then come talk to us! Here's a few things we have to offer:


  • Looking to up your game? We have competitive level trainers that have been in game since Closed Beta. They'll show you the way to Citadel City.
  • Looking for a Supremacy League Team? We are currently in the Bronze Division of SL and have training twice per week for the more competitive players.
  • Experienced player looking for a new or first time home? You’ll fit right in.
  • Are you a top notch Captain but tired of super egos treating you like a number? We will find you a home within MS. We have multiple sub-units that you can choose from and each one offers unique personalities and culture.       
  • Looking to join a team for upcoming Clan Wars? This is our forte. We have dominated clan wars in other games and know what it takes to be successful.
  • Newer to the game? No problem. We can help you choose the right lines that suit your play style, help you grind them faster and help build your captains.
  • Not great stats but always willing to be that one guy doing anything for the team? Team players are always welcome.
  • Looking to spend some money on a premium ships but unsure what to buy? We can fix you up!
  • Are you a group or team in an inactive fleet and want to be a part of something more active and retain your unique identity? Our heritage is built on honoring and respecting the identity of those groups that make up the Alliance.

MercStar uses an established teamspeak server for voice communications. We ask you have a mic and be on teamspeak when participating in Fleet activities.We also use our enjin site (http://mercstar.enjin.com) for information, membership management, alerts and other communications. 


For more info check out the following:


MS intro to WoWs: http://forum.worldof...__fromsearch__1

Recruitment Thread: http://forum.worldof...__fromsearch__1


Hit up Ihasa, GordonGecko1, or AleksandrWolf in game, message us, visit our teamspeak at, leave a post or see our enjin site for information or invites.

Happy Sailing!

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If you're looking for competent division mates and the potential to get into competitive play in the future, look no further than Team SF. We run several high skill divisions every evening and weekend, and are the current 3-time champions of Supremacy League. Best way to see if we're a good fit is to join our public teamspeak server and division up for a few games. Look forward to seeing you there!

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[FF full, filling up on FF2 with active players] Look us up in game..
Recruitment information
Family, Friends and Frigates
Our website and Discord are free so NO donations are needed.
Small group of friends.. Jump on Discord and talk with us!
Looking to expand our group. We have active duty, retired military and Brats..

Download Discord Click Here

  1. Above this line click Download Discord
  2. After downloading Start DC
  3. Click Here to link to our DC
We all have different levels of playing. Tier 1-10
No WTR tracking of any kind
No requirement of checking forms
Sign up on our website
Clan tags
Friggin'  Fun Days (Not Required)
Tier 2 - Tuesday
Tier 3 - Thursday
Free For All - Friday
Black Swan - Sundays
Time Schedules-Anytime
See you soon!

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