Hi guys!    So with the recent news of the in progress models of the French BBs, I thought I'd do a post entirely on the Richelieu class for you guys. Pics are from http://blog.livedoor.jp/irootoko_jr/ and google image search. Let's get this show on the seas!         Richelieu from above after her American refit sporting many Oerlikons and Bofors.   Richelieu tied up alongside a Suffren-class heavy cruiser, and a La Galissonnière-class light cruiser.   Richelieu at anchor, from the stern port side. Her nameplate can be seen here.   Richelieu from the port bow, with sailors lining the rails.   Richelieu from the port beam, with barges alongside.   Richelieu sailing under the Brooklyn Bridge. Her range finders and masts had to be cut down so she could fit under the bridge.   Richelieu in choppy seas with her guns trained to port.   Richelieu from the stern. Her secondary batteries, including their extreme elevation angles due to them being dual purpose, are shown here.   Richelieu from an overhead stern quarter view, showing off her impressive AA battery.   An excellent port beam shot of Richelieu underway at low speed.   A close up of Richelieu's superstructure and B turret.   A very nice image of Richelieu underway from the starboard beam. (Note, if this is a drawing or painting, I am not sure)   Sailors standing underneath Richelieu's A turret.       Jean Bart. Jean Bart, in an excellent true color picture, of her starboard beam.   Close ups of Jean Bart's DP guns aft.   A true color image of Jean Bart along side Suffren and Montcalm. (Note, these two cruisers might be the same from above, however the BB in each picture is different)  
A very nice overhead starboard beam shot of Jean Bart underway. The differences are readily apparent from the two views of the sisters.   Jean Bart along side Suffren and Montcalm. De Grasse or Colbert is also seen, as well as a destroyer.   Jean Bart under construction. Turret A is operational and finished, while B turret is still being constructed.   Jean Bart underway at speed from the port stern beam.    Jean Bart showing her damage after her run in with USS Massachusetts (BB-59).   Jean Bart underway from a port bow view.   Jean Bart at anchor at Villefranche sur Mer.   Jean Bart anchored, again, next to Suffren and Montcalm.   Jean Bart leaving port, the sailors still manning the rails.   A close up of Jean Bart moored next to the two cruisers.   An overhead view, showing the cruiser's and battleship's gun and superstructure layout.   Frigate Le Brestois, moored along side Jean Bart.   The repaired, but still incomplete Jean Bart, sails for the US for her completion.   Jean Bart underway at speed from the port beam.   Jean Bart photographed from the air under construction.   Another angle of the same pic.         That is all folks I hope you enjoyed! I will still take any suggestions you guys have and keep them noted for the future, so ask away!  And as always: Fair winds and following seas captains!