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(TBW) Bad Stats? Got kids? Newbie? Check out our Clan.

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The Black Watch is open to all players, until we are full that is. You want to join a clan with your son or daughter? Great reason to join. Bad stats and other clans don't want you? Great reason to join. New to the game and would like to be in a clan while you are learning the game? Great reason to join. Trying to improve your stats? (not that we don't try to do that) You may want to keep looking. You kind of get the the drift.

The Black Watch is comprised of mostly new players to the game. We are not stat oriented, although we strive to improve always. We are not about "Clan Wars" necessarily. When we can field a full team some of us would like to play in the Clan Wars, it is not a priority though.

We would like to invite anyone with kids, nephews, nieces, who may not have a full grasp on the mechanics of the game and want to be in a Clan for the benefits.

We have a Team Speak Server. It is owned by an enthusiastic gamer @tankereeand encompasses many games. It is not really (at this time) a kid friendly Team Speak server but we can add a guard your speech (youth friendly) channel for the kids and I think but I am not sure, that the owner can limit which channels a player can join. I will need to check that with tankeree (he is watching football right now or I would ask him if it can be done). Please keep in mind that we do not guarantee that a dirty word won't slip trough the cracks (some of us were x military, construction workers and IT guys after all). You do not have to be on Team Speak with us, to join the Clan.

We do ask that you are respectful to other players both on the team and off. We do not put limits on how many games you play or how much oil that you make. However, if you join the Clan, we prefer that you at least get in a few games every couple of weeks and feel free to play as many as you can or want to. We do not encourage trash talking or stat shaming. When we have something to say we try to do it with respect. F key spamming will not be tolerated. You do not have to division up with anyone if you don't want to but that is kind of, in part, what a Clan is about, so feel free to do so.

You can leave the Clan whenever you want to, for whatever reason you want and rest assured, that we will part as friends.

If we seem like a Clan for you, just apply in game under the Clan tab, search for TBW and submit your application after joining if you would like to be on Team Speak with us, just PM @tankeree , He is the owner of the server and would have to approve you and send you the server info.

We do not have a Clan web page or anything like that and I don't think any of the current members are going to make one. If you join and want to do that, I don't think anyone would mind though.

That's about it, so if you are interested please apply.

                                                                                                Have a Great Day,


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