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question on Ships XPs

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Normal ship XP is used in the progression of that particular ship.


For example: Say you are playing Omaha. You earn XP. That XP is used for researching the Fire Control System, B-hull and C-hull, and any gun or engine modules. But only for that particular ship.


Once you research everything on the ship, it becomes "elited". After that, the ship's XP may be converted to Free XP, with doubloons, which can be used for anything. Captain leveling, researching ships or ship modules, or unlocking Missouri or Nelson.


Hope that helps!

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Ship XP (experience)  is also used to research the next ship above it in the line.  For example, XP earned on the tier V Omaha is used to research the tier VI Cleveland.  As soon as all modules are researched and the next ship is researched the ship becomes Elited and the XP it has can be converted to free XP for use on any other ship, as stated above.  Note that the modules and the next ship do not need to be purchased, only researched, in order to achieve Elite status.



Experience (XP)


Experience is another primary currency in World of Warships. It is mainly used in unlocking new ship modules and new ships, allowing the player to progress in the game.

Players earn experience in the same way as they do credits through battles and special missions. However, experience cannot be earned through containers, campaigns, or shop bundles.

Upon fully researching all of a ship's modules and unlocking all succeeding tier ships, any excess experience can be converted to Free Experience (which is unlocked upon reaching Account Level 5). As premium ships do not need any modules or succeeding ships to unlock, players can use these ships as a way of collecting Free Experience indirectly (they must first play the ships to obtain the experience, then buy doubloons with money, and finally convert the excess experience to Free Experience using the doubloons).

Free Experience (XP)


When a player reaches Account Level 5, they unlock Free Experience. Free Experience can be spent to unlock any ship or module, regardless of what ship it was earned with. All experience earned in battle earns the player an additional 5% as Free Experience. This rate can be increased by mounting certain camouflages or the Papa Papa signal. Free XP can also be obtained by converting Standard Experience earned on Elite ships (ships that have every module and following ship researched) at the rate of 1 Doubloon per 25 Free Experience converted. Wargaming occasionally offers sales that increase this rate. Free XP can also be used to train captains if the player has used up all of their Elite Commander Experience.

By clicking the "+" symbol next to a captain, Elite Commander XP and/or Free XP can be used to gain Commander skill points.

Elite Commander Experience (XP)

Elite Commander Experience is awarded by using captains which have attained 19 skill points. When a player uses such a captain, all commander experience gained during the battle is automatically added to the Elite Commander XP pool. The amount of available experience so accumulated is visible in the lower left corner of the Commander skill page, just above the ship carousel, when any commander is selected.

Elite Commander XP may be used in place of commander experience gained during battle to retrain any commander transferred to a new ship. It may also be used to grant additional skill points to any commander which has less than 19 skill points. This is accomplished by left-clicking the "+" symbol beneath the commander's portrait. This will present the player with an information box which will allow him or her to choose how many points are to be assigned to that commander. If insufficient Elite Commander Experience is available to provide an additional skill point to a given commander, Free Experience will be used for the remaining balance.

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