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We Want Ranked

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So no ranked mode for the rest of 2017...  Instead we are getting this horrific clan battles, which is made to be more of a fun mode not competitive mode.

So what is so bad about this clan battle... ONLY TIER 10... seriously WG T10 is the most unbalanced group of ships in the entire game.   ONLY 1 BATTLESHIP... gotta be kidding with this one.  

NO CVS.. lmbo really, CVS are essential for any competitive play, who wants to play a game mode with only cruisers and dds... And pay attention to this one... Des Moines and Moskva can get 1 minute and 35 secs radar, how is this going to promote any type of good game play, this will just turn into a fun thing, were clans just bring like 7 Moskvas and sail around spamming for fun... 


Instead of introducing and rushing out this monstrosity of a game mode why don't you focus on balance, by this I mean Carriers are a mess, the UI is crap, and the rewards for good play are so poor that it is just not worth it to play cvs.  

OH the conqueror is still in the game btw, which is the very definition of over powered, broken, fall asleep while playing and still get a kraken broken.... the entire royal navy line is a disaster, either the ships are utter garbage and boring or their just straight over powered.... how about make a battleship line where the change of ammo type is actually a fundamental part of the game play, no instead we have a battleship line that just spams HE with insane fire chance... like the meta needed more of this.   


Finally ranked, we want it, not once every 3 months but like 5 times a year, ranked is fun, its competitive, rewards are nice.  Most players don't give a flying you know what about clans, clans are dumb, only T10s are dumb, and renting a T10 is even more dumb.... cancel this entire clan battles crap and just introduce a new ranked season while you work on balance changes....

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wow wow hold on there for a second! ranked fun and competitive, what are you talking about? is totally fine 3 times per year, 5 times would be insane. 


and i think CW is the most competitive and fun if you play tier X; cause meta in 6 and 8 are trash.

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I personally love Ranked Battles and when that season rolls around I am primed and ready to cause chaos and ultimate destruction on all those annoying red ships. :Smile_izmena:


Now my problem with Clan Wars has nothing to do with the tier they are using or the way they are formatting it.  My problem is that the clan I belong to doesn't have enough players in the right time zones for it to form a team that I can be a part of. So while I would love to play, I'm pretty sure I'm going to miss this season. 


Now, if WG were to reduce the frequency of Ranked Battles in favor of Clan Wars, then I probably would be pretty upset because that pretty much excludes players who are not in competitive clans from having any structured competitive outlet. 

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