Old Salty Dogs “Salty Dog is nautical slang for an experienced sailor who has spent much of his life aboard a ship at sea. A salty dog is often given increased credibility by ship mates in matters pertaining to ship-board life and duties. Also known as an "Old salt". “ Ahoy mates! Are you sick of Recruitment Postings where the poster TELLS you what they WANT! “You must have ### WTR” “You must have Discord” “You must have Team Speak” “You must have at least a Tier # Ship” “You must Division Up on this Day/Time” “You must play Random” This is the Old Salty Dogs Clan, and we are looking for new clan mates. We are not promising anything new or exciting just fellow players who want to collect oil for the bonuses and just want to have fun in the game.  The only requirements/rules are listed below. Drop me (Chaos_EN2) a message if you are interested and I will send an invite soon as I can, or post here and I will send you an invite. Rules/Requirements 1) Have Fun; But please respect your fellow Clan-mates and Players. 2) Play the game how you want – Only Random, Only Co-Op and Operations, just as Lone Wolf, in divisions, if you only want to play only at Ship Tiers 1 -3 do it! It does not matter – play the game how you want too! 3) Clan Wars – We will form Clan War Teams only if a group of players (at least 7) have the interest and wants to play it there will not be a requirement for any Clan Member(s) to have to play in Clan Wars.  4) No Stat Shaming – we do not care if you are always in the 20% WTR group or the 90% WTR Group, just as long you try your best and you do enjoy this game. We will not rush you to get good!!!! 5) Age, Gender, Race, etc. does not matter just players who want to have fun! Newbies, Potatoes, and Superstars, Manga Fans are all welcome too. 6) Current and Ex-military (yea even Marines) are especially welcome to join NO MATTER what country you served for. 7) No requirements for Discord, Team Speak, etc. the game has voice chat if you want to talk, but if you don't want to use any voice chat that is fine also. 8) Oil – This is the reason why we have joined up so we can get the bonuses that it provides, but there no required amount, if you just can play for a few hours a day and only get 10 oil that is fine! And yes, we know right now there are dozens and dozens of new clans right now so you have your pick of the fleets you want to join, and we that are not promising anything special or new. But if you just want to play with no hard-core requirements, and just want to have fun in the game, we are clan that you might be looking for the Old Salty Dogs. If not Good Luck to you your search for a Clan , and please do not get pumped out with the bilge water!     https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/141996-getting-the-most-out-of-wows-for-the-working-adult-or-full-time-student/?page=2#comment-3411449