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farazelleth: Clan Wars and the lack of Carriers!

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33 minutes ago, Combined_Fleet_HQ said:

Very well said, and many points made mimic my own opinions

I feel similarity.


Main issue I've had is seeing everyone talking about DD's and torps, but this helps to confirm my thoughts on that subject.


Vigilance, RPF, Radar, and Hydro.


Cruisers are going to be calling the shots.

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He's not completely wrong on everything, that's the best I can say for it.


It will change things now that every ship doesn't have to take every single possible AA gear/skill just to try to stay alive.  Radar and hydro will be the two things that do most of the spotting other than using normal visibility mechanics.  Yes, all the cruisers will be packing hydro since they don't need AA.  No the Khabarovsk will not be a factor.  


There is a lot he is wrong on though, balance at T8 being better than T10.  Flat wrong.  I realize he's a CV guy and admits he doesn't know the other lines as well, but he contradicts his T10 balance point by saying that in his mind the Hak and Midway are balanced while only one of the T8 CVs is viable.  Logic much?   I think his ship lineups are missing some insight, and while we will see plenty of Gearing it will not be the dominant DD it'll just see play in that it's a lot older than the most dominant DD.


He's right that WG is admitting that CV and BB are broken to one degree or another.  I agree that WG should fix the ships, but if they won't then at least limiting them respectively to 0 and 1 is an improvement.

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