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Anv Medals ended day early & all gone from profile

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HELP I set this day aside to finish up the wow Birthday event and try to complete getting all the medals

which the website news clearly stated was extended to the 28th, 

It is the 27th and I played a battle that should have gotten me another "foes past their prime" and it was not awarded.

then I go to my profile and all the medals I won are gone!!

I had at least 25 skipper on deck / 12 foes past prime / 8 eat it toasters

I really had made plans for the last day to marathon game, now I am out of luck?!!

and all those missing medals, and wasted time earning them, very, very upset

I have replay and screenshots


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You can still buy them till tomorrow in anniversary packages the in game ones ended at the time of the update. So if you really want the camo you can buy the duplicates you need.

They do have conflicting data on the Anniversary page; Completion of Anniversary Achievements and Collection Items, as well as Container sales have been extended to 9/28.

Holiday achievements, items and presents are available from the release of Update until Update

I think it was programmed to stop with the update and they forgot to change that.


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Hopefully someone dubmitted a ticket because the patch notes specifically state you can still complete the collection today (up to the 28th) even though it states the event ends on the 27th.

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This happens with every event.  When they say an event ends on the 27th, that means it ends at 8 AM pacific time on the 27th.  Granted, it is highly confusing to players, because we've all been bit by this at one time or another.

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