I just have to say that you know what. I play to compete sometimes, I also play arcade mode and I enjoy both. I cannot say or imagine enough for instance why you cannot build a PvP and PvE experience that worth the money, and it briefly existed.   Well now, that's gone. We go from Zoup "Battleships are ruining the game" to what we have now     You've won. 1 Battleship a ranked team . . . No CVs, even though I made a video explaining they have been hurt the worst in the entire game's history and deserve a fair shake, they're gone. This will likely only persist So you happy. The BBs that are ruining your precious game, Notser, Zoup, Flamu, Zerra, BIA, competitors and this *new* class of CC. You got the ranked gameplay you wanted. You've now successfully made this into your game.     Wait, what do you mean "wth". You literally asked for this. Oh, fixed Matchmaking and limited player presence and rentals was NOT what you or most of us would have wanted. It's a bit too late. The rest of the CCs and Ranked players will be overjoyed. They also command large enough audiences that will listen to them (as they conveniently ignore the issues in the game) and continue to recommend purchases, so they can cling to their profits (if any here) to supplement World of Tanks, the 6th most profitable PC game as of April 2017.   It's your game now, this is what you wanted. Sadly, the game is no longer mine, but I suppose the catharsis comes from how now we'll all take turns removing each class until we're similar to War Thunder (World of Destroyers). It's what you wanted. Enjoy your game. Inform me when I can have my game back, I will tend to Stellaris. I've been waiting for a decent naval game ever since I was a child; I've been waiting over 20 years for an experience like this only for an enclosed bubble of CCs who represent "The Community" and they provide the "Feedback" which WG responds to. It's no surprise to me this and other horrid changes to the larger or average player base happened, they have no way of knowing or caring. We're not the semi-professionals that rake in the money, nor are we semi-professional promoters.   We're not the lot that has direct access to an employee and act as obedient employees on the company's behalf. I hope to hear other thoughts as well, but I suppose those pair of videos from Zoup were the most cathartic thing. Get exactly what you asked for, instantly regret it. It's a shame only iChaseGaming is calling attention go the exclusivity and poor practice. Alas, what does his opinion or Jingle's opinion matter to WG anymore, they're customers, not promoters now; not CCs.