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Desert Tears against Femmy the Terrible

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So I just had the most intense and terrifying CV battle in my lifetime. here goes...

> Be            me

>Tears of the bloody desert with AA murder to boot, fairly typical. Then I see it... Femmy in my most despised cv of all... the Hakuryu. I've heard horror stories about this one. I'll tell you they weren't kidding.

>Time to prove myself.

>Bad news, the clever bugger was unstrafeable moving just out of line. I stop a few nasty strikes but the completely broken Hak (remember it's totally fine if IJN cvs have it all) means I can only do so much.

>Good news, give up the strafes and use freedom to slowly balance it out and the damage rakes up.

>Battle shifts in my favor as my two group work overtime, fighters blocking and bombers nuking a GK and a DD charging me. The team capped all three points.

>Fighters are destroyed, glorious freedom high in the sky.

>Fem gets a few while I get my damage in.

>I end with nuking the cv and RU cruiser with it.


>Me with a whopping 3K health left must nuke a Hindy while running to avoid the remaining strike craft from spotting me. 

>Tier 10 reserves give me penalty of freedom to deliver the final blow.

End result    

Thanks to the team for support and I got my fill for CVs for a bit. Haven't had a good battle in ages. Even got half a dozen karma.

I'll also plug my casual clan SDI (shot down inc.)  for giggles. Made it for the oil but having others to play with would be fun. My friends rarely touch this game anymore. 

Well shit Vol.1.png

Well shit vol.2.png

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Welcome to the forums, and congrats on the win. Well played!

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