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Ship Ports and Clans Suggestion

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I am interested in joining a clan and have sent an application to one clan.  No response yet.  I'd like to see all of my ships that become part of the clan in the clan port.  Perhaps only ships that I want to leave at the clan port.  Maybe one is in for repairs?  It would be cool to be able to fly around the port and see all the ships in port, in camouflage, ready for battle.  I'd like to able to see other clan members ships that are part of the group in the port at the docks.  Currently, we can only see one ship at a time even in our personal port.  I like to dress out my ships and admire them before I blow them up.  They go so fast sometimes.  I think this idea is possible from a software standpoint.  It would take some effort.  Currently during a battle, if your ship has sunk, you can invisibly fly around the battle and observe the other players ships in camouflage, real time, and fighting.  If that portion of the software were copied and applied to the clan ports, then you could fly around the port and look at the other players ships to size the clan up.  The ability to see the ships in harbor would likely have to go under a button that you click to zoom in on the port.  Once you were in the port you could fly around to see the ships.  It would also be helpful to be able to select your desired ship for battle in the clan port.  As ships enter or leave the port, going to or from battle if surviving, they could be shown entering and leaving the clan port.  If the player died in battle then his ship would magically reappear.  I used to have another older XP sailing ship game that behaved similar this when in port.

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