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Am I really so Stupid?

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I only just, figured out that you can scroll the Battle chat. I get the Captain Dunsail award of the day.

On stardate 4729.4, the Federation starship Enterprise is summoned to a space station without explanation. Commodore Wesley, commanding a group of Starships from his flagship USS Lexington, explains that the Enterprise will be a test vessel for a revolutionary tactical and control computer called the "M-5 Multitronic System", designed by the brilliant Dr. Richard Daystrom (who had also invented the TOS era computer systems after developing duotronics when he was 24 years old). The M-5 will handle all ship functions without human assistance. While Captain Kirk and Chief Medical Officer Dr. McCoy are unhappy about the test, Science Officer Spock is impressed with M-5. However, Kirk learns that four earlier prototypes were unsuccessful, giving him further doubts.

At first M-5 works well, performing ship functions more quickly and efficiently than a living crew. Later, M-5 exhibits quirks such as turning off power and life support to unoccupied parts of the ship. It draws increased power for unknown reasons. But Daystrom maintains M-5 is working properly.

In a drill, M-5 defends the Enterprise against mock attacks from Starships Excalibur and Lexington. The Enterprise is declared the victor, prompting Commodore Wesley to call Kirk "Captain Dunsail" (pronounced "dunsel"). Spock explains the term is used by midshipmen at Starfleet Academy to describe a part serving no useful purpose. Kirk is visibly shaken by this.

Source:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ultimate_Computer


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Don't beat yourself up too much - there are lots of sparse and undocumented features of WOW which people struggle with or even don't know existed.  I mean look at the REPLAY channel...many don't know it exists after a 1000 battles !!!    Especially if they are not on the forums.

You posted enough info to help players..you are forgiven!  

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