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"Player Ship Sails Away" and Frozen/Unresponsive UI Bug During Match

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This is still a thing. 


Patch notes from previous updates said this issue was addressed.  Just happened again.  I'm not going to submit another ticket, just going to vent here.  Hope someone relevant and who gives a damn reads this.


Again the same story:  playing the game when suddenly the viewpoint and UI information (minimap, etc.) freezes in place and the player's ship sails away off into the sunset.  Task Manager shutdowns and game reboots do not fix.  Upon restarting the issue persists.  However, the good news is that if you shut down and restart enough times, things will eventually behave normally and you'll regain control of the game - but only after your ship gets sunk before re-entering the match again.  Yay.


As a bonus this bug, when it occurs, usually happens more than once. So, the issue occurs, the match concludes.  Then on either the very next match, or maybe one or two matches later it happens again.  Once this happened three times in one day.  Then it won't happen again until the next update.

EDIT:  I don't know if this latest incident is another multiple occurrence.  I posted this thread immediately after the first time it happened today and I don't have the patience to go back.


Every few matches I'll see chat from another player reporting the same thing; game crashed, can't control, boat going away, restarting, etc.  Mind that this is someone who actually bothers to let everyone else know what is happening.


Only mod I use is historic flags and before you ask, yes, this has occurred running vanilla and even in the game's "Safe Mode" option.


This sh_t's getting old...


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