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GreyFox78659's Unsolicited Opinion: The Kii to hell has arrived

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Normally do opinions on ships that few people really care about but I like.


This is probably the exception or maybe not?


Kii has the wrong name it should be rename the Gojira because it is the king of the tier 8 monsters. Not because it is the most powerful, no!  

If you watch enough Godzilla movies you know he really isn't the most powerful monster but he is the king. Why because he isn't afraid to take on more powerful foes. Also he doesn't always win either but you know he had a chance. That is the way I feel when playing with the Kii! 


Bismarck bring it! Tirpitz I got torpedoes too! Iowa I got more 16 inch guns in more turrets! Yamato burn it down! Planes ha ha swat, what planes? Destroyers Five Turrets of HE destruction plus some fish for an extra salty finishing move!


In short if you are on the fence. Which I was, I wanted Hood this payday. I chose Kii instead and now I know how Gozilla feels before battling an enemy Kaiju, bring it on!

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Finally saw one in game this morning. Looked good seems agile enough.... My Tirpitz sank it easily though... On the fence about her like Hood I've got other ships I need to play more....

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