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What's your secret plan?

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Disclaimer: I take no responsibility if a player reading this thread decides to use this thread for ideas.

Second disclaimer: WG gave you a voucher to do whatever nasty scheme to throw a match with whatever ship you got, but no changing game mechanics.


I will be a mad Haku. I belive TB and DB do not attack unless I type "ROAR!" into all chat, so I spam the sorties at same targets and wonder why they didn't drop. Meanwhile, my team is yelling at me to stop being a noob while the enemy CV milks for an easy win. Then I get reported by everyone lol


Even after my planes are gone, I keep spamming chat with "ROAR!" to try to make the red ships Detonate. :Smile_teethhappy: Then cry when it fails the 40th time.


Another would be taking 12 unlucky T6 CV captains in queue and putting them all facing two T10 CVs, then live-stream it for laughs :Smile_teethhappy:

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13 minutes ago, Goose21891 said:

It wouldn't be a secret if I told people.

Damn it ninja'd

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