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Rule the seas with Blue Fleet

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Hello Captains!



Are you looking for a place to find skilled division mates but do not want to join one of the massive clans? Are you sick of going it alone in randoms with no one having your back? Then look no further. Blue fleet is a relatively new clan that is dedicated towards making a competitive community of players from all age groups.




Our core purpose will always be to host a friendly community of active players so when you log on you know that there will be skilled individuals that have your back. That will never change. The community aspect is the single most important aspect of our clan and if things we are trying to do effects our community in a negative aspect, community comes first and we will change what we are doing.




 They prioritize in importance in descending order, but having a good time out ranks them all.

  1. Expand to 25-28 members with around 18-20 of them being very active.
  2. Establish set time for members to log in for fun events (Inner clan battles, Mass division dropping, ect..)
  3. Be able to consistently field a team to scrim vs supremacy league team
  4. Eventually participate in clan battles when they come out.




  • Above 50% win rate
  • Over 1000 battles
  • Discord with mic
  • Cool 1

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