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Looking for Casual clan

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Hello ! :)


I am currently looking to join a clan with the new update coming out, some pretty interesting feature out there that i would like to be part of ! So i am looking for an english or french speaking casual clan to play with, or just be in to give and receive bonuses. I am like i look for, a casual player , which mean i dont play everyday, i dont play for insane amout of hours at the time, i have a job and a life, so i dont really like meeting with strict hours ,and i cannot always talk when i play ... I play when i can , and i do it for fun ! so im looking for people with more or less the same relax mentalty :)


About my playstyle, casual ( because i did not write that a lot yet ) , i am playing T3 to T9 , but theses days more around T7 to T9 (depending if i take premium or not in weekend lol ) . i love to play each different class of ships but i specialise in cruisers and battleships. about my stats, meh , not the best, but not the worst too, here is a picture about it :



So ! i would like to know if some clan leader would be interested with my application and proposition to help with the team oil :P would be happy to contribute and met new people :)


May your Anchor be tight,

your Cork be loose,

your Rum be spiced,

And your compass be true...



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There is a forum thread just for clan recruitment that you can check out where all the clans recruit at.  Feel free to check it out or use the search function of the forums.

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I found it on the EU forum but not here, could you pass me the link ? :)

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/pm me, join our discord channel, or look us up in game, we are happy to chat.



is excited (no really) to announce openings in its World of Warships [POP] clan !

Active several days per week

All time zones
Willing to learn and improve gameplay
English and French speakers welcome

Polite and well mannered

Fun and fairplay


extra information : 

Participation in competitive and cooperative gameplay is encouraged
Popcorn promotes fairplay and respect for opponents

Popcorn aims to bring a smile to both PvP and PvE

Feel free to /pm me for any questions/ or speak to one of our recruiters : not_acceptable & Stauffenberg44 

Or visit us at our Discord comms server.

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We are a mature older gaming clan who has grown and formed out of WoT and are now branching out for our new entry within World of Warships. We are looking for some older mature players to join our ranks, we offer a roster of currently 80 some members all between the ages of 35-75 (with most members between 40-65) we do have a few younger guys who were either grandfathered in from our very first clan or family members of existing members. We are loosey goosey with our atmosphere, we like to have fun while gaming together & on teamspeak but at the same token we know when to be serious also!!! We have been around 4 years now since our guild was first formed, initially as a World of Tanks clan which as we gained in membership, numbers and popularity we spanned outwards from not only a WoT clan but to a "older mature gentlemans gaming club". Right now alot of our members are playing some of the top games out there, world of warships, world of tanks, armored warfare, arma 3, war thunder, the division, etc, etc. We currently field 3 fleets (clans) in World of Warships, a clan in World of Tanks, Armoured Warfare & most recently, War Thunder. I am not only looking for older mature members who like playing world of warships but members who like to play other games as well. Nobody is required to play or "soley" be recruited to play just one game you just simply state your "preferred game" (on your application) which in this case we would hope it be world of warships. So come check out my band of merry men and you will not be disappointed this i can guarantee you!!!


Website:  http://grumpyolddogs.enjin.com/home

Clan app: http://grumpyolddogs.enjin.com/recruitment

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[FF full, filling up on FF2 with active players] Look us up in game..
Recruitment information
Family, Friends and Frigates
Our website and Discord are free so NO donations are needed.
Small group of friends.. Jump on Discord and talk with us!
Looking to expand our group. We have active duty, retired military and Brats..

Download Discord Click Here

  1. Above this line click Download Discord
  2. After downloading Start DC
  3. Click Here to link to our DC
We all have different levels of playing. Tier 1-10
No WTR tracking of any kind
No requirement of checking forms
Sign up on our website
Clan tags
Friggin'  Fun Days (Not Required)
Tier 2 - Tuesday
Tier 3 - Thursday
Free For All - Friday
Black Swan - Sundays
Time Schedules-Anytime
See you soon!

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                                                                                                           logo 64x64.pngBC Freedom Academylogo 64x64.png

Hello The BCFA is recruiting people around For multiple games as a large community if in-tress come down to are discord 

Must have mic and discord

We are a Community clan We have 476 members and 2 sponsors Tied with many games so if you play others we might be interested in you but that's more on the discord and if your interested in are community and also some benefits do to fact of are sponsors 

                                                                                                                           logo 64x64.pngBC Freedom Academylogo 64x64.png

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