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LHG recruiting casual/competitive players

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Greetings fellow Captains, 


The Lost Hours Gaming clan [LHG] is looking to expand it's ranks and we might be just be the clan you are looking for.  So what are we all about?


Well we are a casual clan but have players who want to compete and work together so our goal is to build a clan which can accommodate both casual and competitive players.  Some players want to be text only and not use Discord or Teamspeak and this can cause a problem in other clans.  All we are going to ask of you is that you communicate, not how you go about doing it.   We don't have any minimum win rate, nor do we evaluate you based on the tier of ships you play. We will be happy to assist lower tier players in advancing. We also are not going to bar people from the clan based on whether they prefer Co-op or Random, PvE players are welcome. 


So what do we require?  Mostly we require that members be respectful and supportive of each other.  We do want 18+ year olds but we may make exceptions on a case by case basis. We would also prefer that you be somewhat active in WOWS.  There's no minimum number of battles per week but if you are inactive for an extended period of time with no notice to the clan then we might become concerned. 


So if this sounds like the clan you are looking for and you're interested in helping build our clan's future, then look us up in the clan search function or go to our website at  http://www.losthoursgaming.com and click on the "Apply Here" button. Or, if you have questions, please just IM me here, I'll be happy to answer.  


Anyway, here's hoping that we are the right clan for you and we look forward to welcoming you to the LHG. :Smile_great:




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Hello! Still recruiting? I ran with you all for a few weeks this summer. I left because I was pretty close to dumping this game, didn't have any issues with anybody. Understand if you have stricter rules now that there are clan resources at risk. Casual to semi-serious player. West coast time zone. I have not a lot of interest in competitive at Tier X (don't have any yet). I would like to division with folks who want to win, but won't freak out if mistakes are made. 


I'd rather laugh off a loss, debrief it then do better next time. Most of all I would rather be in a winning Div. that had fun losing a match than on who had no fun at all winning.  That said I take direction fairly well. You just have to make sure I heard you:) Mostly DD's 4-7, mostly USN. I don't mind smoking & scouting, just say when/where. I have the usual wallet-warrior toys, Atlanta, Indy, Sims, & Shiny Horse. Also a Kamikaze, but the current MM for her has been brutal. A competent CV makes a DD's life hell..




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