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Noob wondering what best place to look for a clan is.

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Just like the title says, I'm looking for a clan and I'm kind of a noob when it comes to them. With the introduction of the new clan stuff I thought it was a good time to start looking for a clan. I was part of a clan very, very briefly in World of Tanks a few years ago but since I have never joined one. What I'm wondering is where a good place to look would be?

As I'm in college my schedule can fluctuate quiet a lot, so a flexible clan would be best. Other than that, I don't care much. Any feedback would be helpful. Stats are below. Thanks!



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18 minutes ago, Ghost_Raven75 said:

There is also a clan recruitment thread here in the forums.  The search feature is fantastic.

Indeed, but POPCORN is generously prepared to distribute an interest free Clanvertorial for this fine player/

(because we know, one click fewer is one microsecond of a lifetime saved for more important tasks)



is excited (no really) to announce openings in its World of Warships [POP] clan !

Active several days per week

All time zones
Willing to learn and improve gameplay
English and French speakers welcome

Polite and well mannered

Fun and fairplay


extra information : 

Participation in competitive and cooperative gameplay is encouraged
Popcorn promotes fairplay and respect for opponents

Popcorn aims to bring a smile to both PvP and PvE

Feel free to /pm me for any questions/ or speak to one of our recruiters : not_acceptable & Stauffenberg44 

The last few seconds of popcorn popping are some of the most stressful seconds of my life.

~ Unknown

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