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Insanely long loading times

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Ok, so I have a ticket in to support, but nothing they have suggested has worked. Before whatever update there was a week and a half ago, I was loading into games immediately or with at least 25s before the start of the match. Then all of a sudden I started loading in 3 or 4 minutes after the match has started. I sit at the loading screen and can see the ships moving on the mini map, but I'm still loading. I have been getting reported for being afk when there's nothing I can do.


I have opened ports, put firewall exceptions, and even turned off my firewall. I have updated internet explorer, put exceptions into there, flushed dns, reset router, uninstalled then reinstalled, everything they have suggested I have done and nothing has worked.


It is not my computer. I have an i5 7600k, 1060 6gb, and 32gigs of RAM. I can play almost all games on ultra settings. 


Regarding my connection, I have confirmed with my is that I have a 200mb/s download speed. I still load into tanks and warplanes games almost immediately. I never have lag or fps problems in either of those. In warthunder I play at 175fps and like 32 ping.


Oh, ping plotter receives latency issues on the 7th out of 11 steps and I will add that to this post when I get out of work tonight.


Any suggestions would be helpful.



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