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Join - Clan Recruitment [US3D]

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Hello players of WOW/NA,

My game Tag is Watsey and it's how I would prefer to be addressed.  Thank you. 

Lets cut to the chase, I don't like Clans and never had any intention to join one or create one.  Before the 6.11.0 update I regarded Clans as smug, arrogant, want to be groups of players that either weren't compitant enough to play solo or to Ego rich to not. 

Unfortunately I have no other choice but to have created my own Clan [US3D] United States 3rd Fleet, CV Strike Group 3.  I'm currently the only member because I tend to keep to myself during Battle mode.  I have a very small list of players I've battled with in the last 24hrs that I plan on sending invites to.  None of these players or I know each other and made my list based on their game play, discipline, demeanor and over all [edited]kickers.  I'm not looking for Ringers, Team Players, No it all's, complainers, [edited], and so on.  The list could go on.

Reason I purchased a Clan is based on the unfair advantage of Update 6.11.0 WOW/NA just gave every current Clan.  In the beginning I played my way to a Tier X ship without spending a dime or procuring a Premium Account.  I understand WOW/NA is a business and they just figured out a new way to get money out of us.  If you don't apply, receive an invite, or purchase your own Clan you are at an immediate disadvantage to all members of all Clans.  That is all I have.

Requirements for application:  Don't be an [edited] ever.  Nothing but RESPECT for your Clan and enemies.  Sarcasm is a must, but don't be rude, angry outbursts during game play is not preferred, but I understand it gets the best of all of us.  Hopefully you all can spell or speak 4 letter words, but keep it to yourself.  No ship specialty or type is required.  Minimum of 500+ battles played of any type, any ship, any Tier.  Your stats don't tell the whole story so don't worry if your not batting over 500.  Finally, ALL ARE WELCOME IN MY CLAN REGARDLESS OF COLOR, SEXUAL ORIENTATION, RELIGION, ETHNITICITY, POLITICAL VIEWS, AGE, SEX, OR SOCIAL STATUS.  WE ARE ALL EQUAL IN MY CLAN.  I reserve the right as Clan Leader to remove anyone from the Clan I deem detrimental to the cohesiveness, happiness, and well being of of the Clan.  I haven't decided how many Captain positions I might offer to members (2 or 3).  The positions give that member administrative permissions.  You can volunteer or I'm sure I'll find you. I'm not out to win any awards as the best leader.  I'm sure I'll screw up at some point but my intentions are always in the right place.  On a personal note, if you're of the female persuassion please apply.  Explanation below.

About Me: I'm a 48yr.old single Dad from Iowa.  Originally born and raised in SF Bay Area.  I have a grown son 23, daughter 21 and 5yr.old girl who just started kindergarten. Stop laughing. I work in the telecommunications field (ISP).  No computer geek here, I work for a living if you get my drift.  49er FAITHFUL.  I do respect your decision to like your own team and will only laugh at your choice behind your back.  I'm a US Navy Veteran.  I joined because of my Grandfathers service.  He passed less than a year after I was born.  Growing up watching every black & white, technicolor war movies growing up set me on my path. Once I found out about my Grandfathers service it was set in stone to join.  Granddad joined in 1933. He served on USS CV6 Enterprise as a MUCS for all of WW2 and USS Midway following the war.  Retiring in 1967.  I served in the early 90's onboard the USS Abraham Lincoln CVN-72 as a PH which merged in 2006 to Mass Communication Specialist.  The Lincoln was the first US Carrier to integrate female pilots and naval intelligence officers (admirals staff) on a US combat vessel.  Bring it to the Clan ladies.  I'm not very talkative when I play and hate messaging so don't expect to much gab.  I've been playing since 02/06/2016.  I've played in 4,315 battles.  I seriously picked up my game the last year.  Stats don't show that though.  I am strictly a Destroyer - Cruiser junkie.  Mostly US ships.  3 of my ships are commanded by Fleet Admirals.  That's it for now.  Any questions, please ask.  Look forward to sinking ships with all of you.

Commander [US3D],




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