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Looking for Mature clan

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Looking for a english speaking mature clan that plays with Strategy in mind not run and gun. Also like to join a group that's not into the blame game (Example: This team sucks, How did you see me, your cheating). I win and loss with dignity and always end with gg. I am 47 and play a couple hours a day between 4pm-8pm eastern sometimes more when not at work . I play all ship types at all tiers. Have 1 BB, 2 Destroyers at tier 10 and many tier 9.  CV's I only use for missions.  I like to joke around and laugh in chat because I play to have fun and to win. I find myself on the top 3 more so then not but I do have my bad games, from time to time. I've only played by myself till now but would love to work with an organized team and maybe even learn a thing or two.  Ok that's enough about me, now lets hear about you?

You like cookies?

Good Journy


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If my clam clan commander see this thread,im quite sure he will take you as one of our potato members.Cheers



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Sir, what you need is a constant supply of POPCORN



is excited (no really) to announce openings in its World of Warships [POP] clan !

Active several days per week

All time zones
Willing to learn and improve gameplay
English and French speakers welcome

Polite and well mannered

Fun and fairplay


extra information : 

Participation in competitive and cooperative gameplay is encouraged
Popcorn promotes fairplay and respect for opponents

Popcorn aims to bring a smile to both PvP and PvE

Feel free to /pm me for any questions/ or speak to one of our recruiters : not_acceptable & Stauffenberg44 

the subject of a pink inflateable gorilla may come up but in compensation a medical examination will not be required..

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I think you should check out BWC.  Most of our members are 30+, and we only allow 18+ members into our clan.  We are a veteran owned and operated clan and our gaming experience goes back 10+ years with gaming communities.  We accept members of all ranks of play, and we offer guidance to help everybody's game play get better if they so desire.  We use T/S for our communictions and the only requirements we have is that you have to be active, and involved in 1 Op in a 60 day period.  If you play regularly, this will not be an issue.  Our typical Divisioning up consisits of 2-3 groups of 3, we synch drop, and pity the Fools (our clan members) that are on the other team as they are Priority Target #1!!.


If BWC sounds like a good fit for you, check out our recruitment page (see my sigtag), please read all the information there.

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Stop it, I'm getting hungry...      

I'll start looking at the clans tonight sometime.. Thanks for the replies. 



PS: I love Popcorn..


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If you're looking for a community of adult gamers, look at [TSG4]. The important thing is to enjoy yourself and hopefully make friends while improving your skills in WoW. It's good to division up with people you know, because you learn to work together, and teamwork actually happens.

TSG4 is very organized, and it makes sense, since it was founded by mil people. We are a dedicated group of men and women that seek to enjoy this game, and we joined this clan to find like-minded individuals.

In any case, I cut and pasted our Goals and what we are looking for in a recruit.


- To build a community that prides itself on being a "Family of Friends".
- Provide fun and engaging content for our members.
- Effectively Coordinate activities across all games in which we participate.
- Most importantly, have fun.

What TSG4 is looking for in a recruit:

- Friendly, good natured players with a genuine interest in advancing their own personal skills and the goals of the organization.
- 18 years and up with a hefty level of maturity and self-discipline.
- Willingness to go above and beyond to make the clan, the game, and the individual members successful.
- A keen interest in the history behind the ships and the conflicts in which they participated.
- A strong sense of "team" and a high level of respect for others.

For more detailed information and instructions on joining to become a full member, please visit https://tsg4.enjin.com/requirements

If you wish to visit our Discord channel first, you can find us here: https://discord.gg/sTck9hr

I wish you the best in your search for your clan!


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Hello Every one;
 If by chance your looking for a Cool,  but tastefull Climate kinda Clan look no Further: [ Tirp ] Whiskey Bravo
1st. Were here to just have fun, relax, make friends, and help each other grow as a Team.
2nd. [ Tirp ]  Clan was named after the Ship Tirpitz.  At first Sight the Ship Caught my eyes, And I wanted to know more about it, then the Reseach Started, 1 thing after another. 
3rd. Click here and you will know what I mean:       https://tirpclanwow.wixsite.com/tirpitzclan
We are just  a group of people that Love to play WOW:  And were here for you as a Family, if by chance you decide.
  If you have Discord you can find us here:    https://discord.gg/3YRxsVS
   Come on over and visit and get to know us, and Call us your Friend, or even Share our Discord with us.  There is No { I } in Team,
We do work together, and help every one grow with us. Age isn't a problem either, it Doesn't matter to us as long as your mature,
and act like an Adult, with a Good since of Humor, Remember its just a game. 
  { Digs }  Tirp-Clan   enjoy your search

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[FF full, filling up on FF2] Look us up in game..
Recruitment information
Family, Friends and Frigates
Our website and Discord are free so NO donations are needed.
Small group of friends.. Jump on Discord and talk with us!
Looking to expand our group. We have active duty, retired military and Brats..

Download Discord Click Here

  1. Above this line click Download Discord
  2. After downloading Start DC
  3. Click Here to link to our DC
We all have different levels of playing. Tier 1-10
No WTR tracking of any kind
No requirement of checking forms
Sign up on our website
Clan tags
Friggin'  Fun Days (Not Required)
Tier 2 - Tuesday
Tier 3 - Thursday
Free For All - Friday
Black Swan - Sundays
Time Schedules-Anytime
See you soon!

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Thank you all for the great response. ATM I'm grouping up with each clan looking for the best fit (One or two a night). This will take me some time but will be worth it..  


Thanks again.. 

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