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Casual adult BB player. 54% win rate, 1600 battles interested in a clan

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Saw the new clan details and thought they might be worth a go. Not looking to be on a set schedule, but when I'm online, would like some mates to play with. I am 34 and I have discord (as well as a wife and kids; would appreciate the talk to stay clean). 


Main American BB line, going to start German as well. I have an Iowa, less than 100k exp to go for Montana. 

I have lower tiers (6-8) of the other ship types as well.

Included stat page pic below (was in beta with another 300ish battles there)


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Hi there, you sound as though you would be quite happy as a member of POPCORN



fun and fairplay

casual but active

pve & pvp


all time zones

(I am theoretically GMT+2 but I get lost ..)

We have experienced players, new players, old hands, and can make sure you get the most out of the game.

Clan tag is [POP]


/pm me if you want to know more

(6-8 are the tiers most of us spend out time too!)

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Pelagic Pirates is founded on the principles of Respect, Excellence, and Plunder.  The only requirements for membership are being 18+ and having TeamSpeak 3.  There are no stats requirements, and you can play casually or try out for one of our two Supremacy League teams.

  • Great community - Over 300 members
  • Training programs - Fleet training every week.  Even experienced players have things to learn!
  • Officer Candidacy programs
  • Ship Certifications - Achieving certifications within the fleet adds to your resume, shows your dedication, and makes you more eligible for joining our competitive teams.
  • Task Forces -We place all new players in task forces to encourage socialization and community.
  • Competitive Teams - We compete in the Supremacy League and currently have a Silver Division team and are fielding a second team that will likely start in the Bronze Division!  We also hold at least one intra-clan scrimmage per week during the off season between ourselves and our various allied clans or with friendly matches between other clans who play this game. Finally, we have in-house competitions such as the Pirates Showdown and Task Force Invitational which do offer prizes to the winning teams provided we get enough participants, which so far has never been a problem.

Respect, Excellence and Plunder!


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BWC might be the clan for you then.  We first and foremost like to division up and coordinate our attacks and play intelligently. If we can get one of our own clan mates on the other side, well you can imagine the trash talking that takes place on Team Speak LOL. What's more fun then sinking one of your own clan members.  We offer training if you desire that as well, some very basic and some that gets into very specifics. Most of our clan is on East Coast time and we are usually very active at the times you've listed.  Clan wars is not a priority, if we decide to play you're welcome to join, if not, then there is no issue there.

If this sounds good to you, please sign up on our forums (mention me as a friend so I get credit) and we'll get the process started.


PM Sent as well

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Hello Sir,

            [TSG4] Tactical Strike Group 4 is a casual clan that emphasizes Teamwork and Good Communication to help our clan members improve their skills while strengthening the clan at the same time. We actively strive to maintain a clan that is based on Friendship, Camaraderie, Teamwork, Concise Communication, Fair Play and a healthy Respect For Others, whether in victory or defeat.
Most of us are (or have been) affiliated with the military, so any current or previous military personnel are always welcome!
As part of practicing good communication and building teamwork, we expect members of the clan (as well as clan applicants) to be on Discord while they are in-game.

Requirements (and application) to become a member: https://tsg4.enjin.com/requirements
We maintain our own Discord server. Our Discord server address is: https://discord.gg/sTck9hr
We maintain our own Website at: tsg4.enjin.com
Our Facebook page can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1595220933839955/
Be logged into Discord any time that you are in-game.
Racism, Sexism, bigotry and bullying is not allowed!
Religion and Politics are not games, please do not discuss them on DIscord or the forums.
We feel that friendly competition is healthy, but please curtail your "game rage" when things don't go as planned

Give us a look!Thanks Priceg TSG4

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Looking for a clan?  Fear not, the Haifuri Community is here for you!  We are based on the anime series Haifuri - High School Fleet - . If you are an anime fan, this is a good clan for you as almost everyone is an anime fan! Even though we are an anime clan, we have multiple options of the type of clan that you can join.  We have more than 100 members that are active and are willing to join divisions with you.  We have a newbie clan, a casual clan, a semi-competitive clan and a full time competitive clan.  If you’re interested.  Please check us out on our discord https://discord.gg/QAfWcqU and our main World of Warships page https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/113412-haifuri-community-is-recruiting-haifu-whs-blumrnnc/


We look forward to seeing you!

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If you're just looking for some mates to div with, Team SF has several divisions running every night and weekend, and a few throughout the day as well. We also have multiple competitive teams with solid records as well if you're thinking of trying out clan wars down the line. Come hang out with us on our public teamspeak server for a few games and get a feel for what our groups are like. Look forward to meeting you!

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[FF full, filling up on FF2] Look us up in game..
Recruitment information
Family, Friends and Frigates
Our website and Discord are free so NO donations are needed.
Small group of friends.. Jump on Discord and talk with us!
Looking to expand our group. We have active duty, retired military and Brats..

Download Discord Click Here

  1. Above this line click Download Discord
  2. After downloading Start DC
  3. Click Here to link to our DC
We all have different levels of playing. Tier 1-10
No WTR tracking of any kind
No requirement of checking forms
Sign up on our website
Clan tags
Friggin'  Fun Days (Not Required)
Tier 2 - Tuesday
Tier 3 - Thursday
Free For All - Friday
Black Swan - Sundays
Time Schedules-Anytime
See you soon!

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