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This is a volunteer endorsement, not compensated, for the most explosive new clan in all of WoWs. similar to the munchie, this clan is cheap and not fattening (ed. note: your use of butter and salt, or other flavor additives may vary. we are not liable for increases in calorie or fat content)

we offer a LOT to our members. flexible something, maybe the hours we're open, don't really recall, a free inflatable gorilla, and other stuff i'm sure. while I am sure I can answer most questions directed at me, you will be far better off contacting the clan fearless leader and founder, nuttybiscuit. 

at this point membership is free. however, it is strongly recommended you purchase the free optional extended insurance coverage plan! again, please contact nuttybiscuit for details, I forgot.

check out our new website! wait a sec...  hmmm. can't seem to find the address. we have rules! hold on.... rats, evidently misplaced those again. sorry. 

if you have any issues with the behavior of any of our members, in or out of battle, in RL, or even here on the forum, please use our free in-house 1-900 toll call system to report. you will need to provide photographic evidence of the alleged infraction, replay or screenshot, in the VDx.R69 format, valid credit card, home address, copy of your driver's license, social security number, and active cell phone number. we will not process these till you apologize to the member in advance for violating their right to express themselves in any manner the situation called for. we are loyal to a fault. 

we will need a "letter of groveling" in lieu of an application to the clam. this will, of course, be in addition to your WT updated profile (whether or not the site is functional or not), sheepcomrade stats for all ships played, in alpha, beta, or gamma, in all servers, and alt accounts. summaries of any other PC games ever played, including screen names used, total $$ spent, and ranks in all games, even those that were not ranked, are, of course, expected.

again, please contact nuttybiscuit, particularly with complaints.  :oD

(ed. note: here's where I place the deeply subliminal message you will not be able to resist: POPCORN! buy popcorn, make popcorn, eat popcorn, use popcorn gifs, JOIN POPCORN)

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yet another subliminal message you will not be able to resist..... pop!
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12 minutes ago, Gerbertz said:

where do i send mah letter of groveling...


You can apply in game, just use the clan search function, entering our clan tag, POP. Be sure to read our description to be sure we suit, you can also /pm @Tucker1901 .

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