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1 1/2 Years of Exp and 2,500 Battles

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First let me preface this post with a exception, I only use Discord and will not download any other forms of comms. I've put off joining a clan since they have been introduced because I love the challenge of solo randoms. 


Anyways, on to the meat and potatos...

In Game Name: Rexus5

Link to Wows profile: https://worldofwarships.com/en/community/accounts/1020809326-Rexus5/!/pvp/overview/

Age: 21

Born: Yes

Location: NA

Timezone: EST 

Ships: All IJN, working up the RN CL's (at T8), working on KM BBs (at T8), I go into specifics later in this post.

Best Ships: Shimakaze, Myoko, Fuso, Fiji, Akatsuki, 

Humor: like Bender from Futurama, with a side of sarcasm, compete jester if I say so myself

Drink of choice: anything with ginger (Moscow mules mostly), long islands

Food: Yes, spicy pls

Anime: i have watched it, and I'm fine with it.


I'm a junior in college and I log on WOWS roughly 5-6 days of the week and put in an average of 5-7 battles each day. I log on roughly around 5:30 everyday except Tuesdays and Thursdays since I have 6-9 classes. Weekends I can be found putting in roughly 15 to 20 battles every night. Because of my major, I take responsibility to inform my team If I need to take a day off ahead of time. 

Hope this is enough to get an idea of how available I am. 


Ships/Ship play styles: 


-CVs: I am a virgin to these things, I have yet to touch a CV both on the live server and public test server.


-BBs: Went all the way up without skipping, I am very fond of IJN BBs and their distinct play style, medium to long range. BB builds focus on survivability until T7 where I spec out secondaries to help with close range engagements.I will fire as long as I see a target, time is damage. WASD hacks enabled and great with torpedo beats. (Favorites= Fuso, Amagi)


-CAs: Strictly support with an emphasis on stealth. Will not fire unless I know i can escape/handle the opposition. Supporting DDs is my thing as I work best with DD support. Long - mid range support when paired with a BB unless a DD is around then I tend to spot torps for them. (Favorites= Myoko, Zao)


-DDs: All stealth build and hybrid gun and torp build. I will fight tooth and claw regardless of what I am facing(why I spec out IJN DD guns). Will cap unless I know I don't have a chance, once caps/team position has been set, I go for stealth torps the rest of the match dropping smoke for friendlies. My smoke and I choose when to use it, not you. No torp spam, I like to always keep and extra set of torps while the others reload. This is my preferred class as I consider myself a DD captain. (Favorites= Shimakaze, Akatsuki)



-BBs: I got the Bismark during the hunt for Bismark and I am loving the German style. Secondary build all the way with a side of survivability. Like close to medium range engagements. Supporting cruisers is my thing as long as they help too that is, if not then full retreat. 



-CLs: Stealth and quick getaways. I know these things are made of glass and I will not risk it if I see more then 1 BB or 2 CA's. DD hunting is prime and ambushing is key. Only use smoke as cover/tactical retreats, unless there is tons of targets and I have BBs to tank damage, then I will use it to stealth fire.


And thats about it in terms of play styles. Take note this is because I play solos and no divisions, these play styles are based off of 1 1/2 years of solo randoms and ranked battles. I am capable to adapting to solid team play and competitive play as long as I get some freedom in choosing when to fire,cap,smoke,torp,support others.


I hope this bio is enough info to help me find the right clan that needs an experienced player who is willing to cooperate and help out. I will check this post later this week(Thursday) and see who has contacted me. Thanks for looking and I wish you happy sailing!

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[KOOKS] might be a place for you, seeing as your humor lines up with the clans bonkers-motto. :Smile_Default: You're experienced, and you say you're willing to help out and since we're a new clan there may very well be an officer position for you then if you'd consider it and everything works out. Clan is set to be relaxed, friendly, crazy but with purpose and direction. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, and you are welcome to apply any time.

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Hi Rexus, 


atm BWC uses TS as it gives us a lot more flexibility to organise our 512-man server. It takes literally less than a minute to set it up so i personally i see no issues from it. However, you are absolutely free to do as you wish. 

BWC does offer a great gaming community, healthy and drama free environment and some very respectable members that will always back you up in a game. 


If you are still interested, regardless of the VC issue, please take a look at our recruitment page.





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TSG4 is a mature, adult gamer oriented community. We still have space available for people that wish to hang out and division with other like-minded individuals. Our website provides a little more information about us: https://tsg4.enjin.com/ Meet with us on Discord here https://discord.gg/sTck9hr

I like my chimis spicy too (Adrenaline Rush at Tijuana Flats)

Best of luck to you!


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Hello Rexus5,


Fifth Dimension has an active Warships group with both competitive and casual play.

We have one of the largest groups in the game. Someone on 24/7. No pressure for ranks or responsibilities.


We have both NA and EU server groups. Most are in North America and Europe but we do have players globally. We have members who play other games like War Thunder, Navy Field and World of Tanks to name a few.
Mature gamers, 18+ is a requirement, most are 30 through 70. Over 180 in warships and counting. 
We are actively developing competitive play and have both inter and intra clan skirmishes and the clan beta. Not a requirement for our casual players.
Multiple games, as above, are supported in a diverse laid back Community.
Active TeamSpeak and Website. Stable, longstanding leadership. No dues or drama, only fun.


Hop on over and join us on our TS. Division up and play. 

Don't make any final decisions until you check us out.


TS: slowly migrating to Discord.

Website: www.5DClan.com


Contacts: mikemjk, thewargod2000, Meosha, Lordcoke, Energy torpedo and Major_Steel.


Minimum Requirements for New Members (Easy to make):
- 18+,
- 1,500 Battles,
- 1 x tier 8 non-premium ship,
- Win Rate of 45%,
- Active at least once every 30 days in game and TS unless otherwise pre-arranged.


See you soon,



TeamSpeak during primetime the other day:


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Only looking for clans that use one type of VOIP is throwing away a lot of good options, but it's your own loss.

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