So, as most of you probably know, WG looks to be re-introducing the popular Halloween event from last year for another go this season again, as evidenced by the teaser released on WoWS Asia Facebook:   However, there were only a handful of ships in last year's event.  The upcoming event looks to have many more ships being added to the list:   Looks like the Minekaze clone from last year's event   St. Louis from last year's event   Nassau from last year's event   Looks to be a Nikolai underneath the toxic tree limbs....   Ernst Gaede?   Cyclops-inspired Chapayev?   Bismarck or Tirpitz in serpent drag....   Lexington   This one is a bit tougher due to all the bone camo, but looks to be perhaps a Benson or Lo Yang   Any guesses?  The two front turrets are the only real identifiers here, but I'm not placing them at first glance....   The turrets give this one away as a high tier German BB right away.  But is it FDG or GK?   Looks like a Shokaku being molested by whatever that demon seed is on her back.   In any case, we can at least see that the new event will be spread across both low and high tiers, which will make for some interesting gameplay for those who don't like low tiers from last year.   Your thoughts?