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B message screen came up and stuck

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Just had an extremely frustrating bug.  In battle, the screen that comes up when you press "b" that shows what various fX keys send for a message; that screen came up , and just stuck there, and ti wouldn't go away at all.  Clicking with a mouse anywhere woudln't get it to go away, nor could any keyboard commands.  It prevented me from firing shots of any ammo; and it kept my screen fixed looking at some angle.  once it started it last through the entire rest of the match.  when I started a new match afterwards, the bug had gone away (presumably because the bug can't occur outside battle), and pressing the 'b' key to bring up that menu had no issues and worked fine.


durng the bug I could still control my ships' movement, and active consumeables, but was unable to fire anything;  I was also unable to set the talk tab to speak to all players rather than just teammates, though that tab otherwise worked.  and I couldn't look around, my viewpoint was fixed at some angle, i'm not sure towards what.

I've no idea hwat caused it; I don't use any mods.

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