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Launch Error

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Application c:/Games/World_of_Warships_NA/WorldOfWarships.exe crashed 09.18.2017 at 09:38:15



The BigWorld Client has encountered an unhandled exception and must close(EXCEPTION_ACESS_VIOLATION : 0XC0000005 @ 0X01A3E510) (Read @ 0x000000000)


Current thread #2652 native trace

(0): WorldOfWarships.exe!0x01A3E510

(0): WorldOfWarships.exe!0x01A3DEDD

........ ect (Picture at the bottom) v




I have played this game for good amount of time and never had any start up issues till now. It has been going on for 2 days now. Is their something wrong with my end or "bigworlds" end?


I think I'm in the wrong place to post this lol.


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Hey @Yakuza137, Thanks for reporting this issue. Can you let us know if you're still having this issue and were you able to get the latest update? If so, did you have any issues with launching after the update? Thanks! 

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I had this same issue. It really bothering me because I had to uninstall and reinstall 3 times already because of bugs. It takes over 4 hours to reinstall. I do not want to uninstall anytime soon. YES I have installed the new update.  UPDATED: just finished reinstalling.....still doesn't work.


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Also had this problem. Please fix asap WG. My premium is going to waste rn, and I know i won't be reimbursed

With the release of 0.6.10, i was finally able to play again because i couldn't from 0.6.8-10. The game even then frequently crashed. 

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way back in the beginning of time when this game just started I had trouble running the game no matter what I did could not get it to run. Came up with an idea to make another Personal account on my Hard drive and give it admin. privileges. Than I installed the game under a the different name/on my hard drive. The game worked after installing it and did not have to reinstall my OS.  

You may want to test this if you want to see if any of your files are corrupted. Not saying this is your fault but you may want to see if a 0 or 1 is in the wrong place.




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