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[MOD] World of Warships&Knuckles [Soundpack] []

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Welcome to the sound mod, literally nobody asked for. 

What does this do?
It takes Knuckle's "Oh no" as heard in (This clip)and slams it across every sound.

(This excludes UI, and perhaps a few ships due to lack of Relevant ship ID's)
(PS - If any one of you folks knows how to replace things like, engine sounds, UI Sounds. I would Love to know!)

This was to get a grasp on how to actually mod World of Warship sounds. I like to start things off with a bit of fun!

Soundpack Preview:

Download the soundpack here >>

(This uses WINRAR, which is free.)

Current Issues:

I have no Idea what ship ID's are for Graf Zeppelin, some ship's may be missing from this soundpack.
Please notify me if you come across these ships. So I can fix them.

1) How do I Install this soundpack?

>Download and extract to your res_mods\[WarshipsVersion]\banks\OffficialMods


2) How do I play the sounds in-game? They aren't playing but they're extracted!
Have you selected the soundpack In-game?
>Escape -> Settings -> Audio tab ->Voiceover modification -> Wows&Knuckles -> Hit Ok

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